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How do you know if you have a blood sugar problem?

People with blood sugar problems often need to deal through medications, diet, exercise, and under-control preventives. But unless you check your blood sugar level, there is no way to get accurate results. Any person with a blood sugar level can benefit from having a blood testing meter. It is important to track the logs and consult the doctor in case you experience elevated blood sugar. More importantly, it can help you in your treatment plan.

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Early Signs of Blood Sugar

Both types of blood sugars have certain warning signs. These signs are accurate and often come with either low or high blood sugar problems.

  • Hunger and fatigue: The body converts the blood sugar extracted from the food you eat. It helps to maintain the blood sugar level and convert it into energy. But in case your body doesn’t make enough insulin or in case your cells resist the presence of insulin that your body makes, the glucose cannot have them and it doesn’t get converted into energy. This makes a person have blood sugar problems and feel hungry all the time. It creates the urge to eat something from time to time. The feeling is so consistent that you cannot resist it.
  • Having the urge to use the washroom more than usual: an average person usually uses the washroom from four to seven times in 24 hours. But a person with blood sugar problems may find it difficult to deal with urine problems. This is because your body reabsorbs glucose that passes through the kidney. But a person with a blood sugar problem pushes the level of sugar into the body. It may interfere with the function of the kidney that may further not bring it back. This makes the body make urine that ultimately takes more fluid from your body. As a result, you often go to the washroom. And because you pee more, you also feel the thirst and drink more water.
  • Dry mouth and itchy skin: Because your body is using more water to quench the thirst, there remains only a little moisture inside the body. This creates the issue of dehydration making your mouth feel dry. And it is also accompanied by dry skin that later becomes itchy.
  • Blurred vision: The changing fluid level in your body can make your eye lens swell up. This makes changes with the eye structure and the outer skin may swell up. This is because you cannot focus when you have blood sugar problems.

High blood sugar (hyperglycemia)

  • High blood sugar occurs in the body when it becomes higher than the targeted level. Eating too much sugar-contaminated food, calories, missing medicine, and having the signs of infection or illness, may elevate your blood sugar level. It often comes with emotional stress.
  • High blood sugar levels develop slowly. It can make you feel tired and thirsty all the time. If your blood sugar level is higher than usual (on an irregular basis), your body will naturally adjust with that elevation and you may not have the symptoms of blood sugar problems.
  • Unless you monitor your blood sugar level regularly, there is no other way to check for the symptoms of high blood sugar levels. This will help you have some spare time to check for the symptoms and treat them timely.
  • In such a case, you may refer to non-caffeinated drinks, water, and non-sugary drinks. You may often feel dehydration. If your blood sugar level continues to rise, your kidney will increase the amount of urine. This will make you feel more dehydrated than usual.
  • Complications of high blood sugar levels may cause serious problems like damage to the eyes, heart, kidney, blood vessels, and nerves. It may also cause a coma for a while and even death.

Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)

  • Low blood sugar problems happen when your blood sugar level drops down the targeted level. Skipping meals, not eating enough, taking too many medicines, exercising more than usual, and taking certain medicines that lower the blood sugar level, can cause your blood sugar level to drop rapidly.
  • People with weight loss issues and kidney problems may not be required to have insulin, their blood sugar levels may drop too low. In such a condition, be sure to check your blood sugar level regularly. When the blood sugar level drops 70 mg/dL, the body usually faces the symptoms of low blood sugar level. The symptoms can develop quickly into 10-15 minutes.
  • If your blood sugar level is slightly down the targeted level, you may feel fatigued, anxious, weak, shaky, or sweaty. You may also have a rapid heart rate. In that case, if you eat something that contains sugar, it may last for a shorter time. If you have a blood sugar problem, you may not always feel the symptoms of low blood sugar. This is called hypoglycemia unawareness. In case your blood sugar is controlled and doesn’t change all day, you may be at higher risk for hypoglycemia unawareness.
  • If your blood sugar level continues to drop, i.e, below 40 mg/dL, your behavior may change and you may feel irritated. You may become too weak and confused to eat something that may contain sugar. Anytime you see that your blood sugar level drops below 50 mg/dL, you may act immediately whether you have the symptoms or not.
  • In case your blood sugar level drops very low, i.e, even less than 20 mg/dL, you may lose consciousness and may develop the symptoms of seizure. This may require you to have immediate medical treatments.


The highly qualified and trained doctors at Metro Hospital will give you the correct advice to control your blood sugar problems. He/she may ask you a few common questions related to your blood sugar. You may be required to check your blood sugar regularly in the mid of the night or quite a few times in the daytime. Your doctors at Metro Hospital will suggest you follow the right diet plan. They are trained enough to provide quick responses so that you can take care of yourself the way you want.

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