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How Do You Make an Airbnb Listing Stand Out? 5 Easy Tips

Are you thinking of becoming an Airbnb host? This is a good idea, as you could earn a lot of money. However, the number of guests that you will attract depends on a number of factors.

I’ve been an Airbnb Superhost for years, and I’ve discussed the best tips and tricks to make more people interested in your property.

Sound good?

Become a Superhost

By responding to prospective guests quickly, and being an all-around pleasant host, guests will rate you well. Over time, these ratings will accumulate and you will be awarded the Superhost title. More people will want to stay in your home, as they would know that you are top-notch.

Take A Lot of Pictures

Take ample pictures of your listing. Anyone interested in booking a stay will have a good idea of what your property looks like.

Why not hire a professional photographer? They would know how to stage your house to make it look as attractive as possible.

For example, they would know that taking pictures of any outlets and wires in your home would not be aesthetically pleasing. They would also know that it wouldn’t be a good idea to take too many pictures of your neighbourhood, as guests care more about how your property looks than the neighbourhood it is in.

Good Rates

Do your research to find out what the best rates to charge guests are. Otherwise, you may charge very high prices for a night, compared to other listings. This will make whoever is interested in booking a stay turn away.

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Do Your Home Up

Make sure that your home looks perfect before you start advertising it. Get rid of any clutter and tidy up. Paint your walls and get rid of any super-personal belongings that will be in shots too; they will prevent prospective guests from imagining themselves staying in your house.

Adding a fancy black Japan stain to any wood around your home would also be a good move. You would make the wood around your house pop and look brand new.

Of course, be sure to fix any dents or cracks in your floors and walls. And if you want, you can update your finishes and fixtures, but this is completely up to you.

Tempting Copy

Even if you have great pictures, charge good rates, and have an all-around good-looking home, you won’t attract many guests if you don’t write a tempting copy for your listing.

Use as persuasive of language as possible. Don’t go too in-depth and make your listing too long either.

Why not take the leap and hire a professional writer? They would make your listing as tempting as possible, really selling your home’s features. This would be a one-time investment too, as you can use the copy for as long as you want.

So, what did you think about everything discussed? There are many tips and tricks to make your listing more attractive. One of the best would be to hire a professional to take the photographs for your house.

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