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How Media affect our Lives

Whenever we hear the effects of media, we only think about the negative impacts of media in our lives. People started thinking about bad content, crime, and violence that they saw in the media. But for a broader perspective, we need to check both the negative and positive impact of the media on our decisions and on our mental health. After that evaluation, we will be able to go for a source whose purpose is to deliver information and news without creating any negative impact on our health and society such as RIM NEWS (Urdu news in Pakistan). Following are the issues that researchers said create the effect. A few issues are: 

Duration (short or long term)

Duration of media effects is whatever people perceive from media they act accordingly either in the short term or long term. E.g. A man watches the election campaign of a politician and then is inclined towards his vision and gives him a vote in elections. It will be the long-term effect of what he has watched. But if he watched and liked the politician’s view at that time but did not give him a vote, then it would be considered a short-term effect of the media.

Change (difference vs. no difference)

The effect of the media is actually the change of behavior in our lives. E.g. advertisements created to change our perspective and to sell their products. If we tend towards the agenda they are selling then it will create difference but if not then it will create no difference.

Valence (negative or positive)

People mostly think about only the negative impacts as negativity leaves marks long. E.g.when people see news about rape cases and violence on TV and another medium this leads them towards antisocial behavior. But the benefits of media cannot be denied such as we can learn all types of information we want and can enjoy music to make our food fresh. Also, use media platforms to communicate with others.

Manifestation (observable or latent)

Some effects of the media in our lives are very easy to observe but some are not. E.g. A person watches a burger deal ad and then grabs the phone to place an order. This is the observable behavior in a man but sometimes we can see latent behavior.

These are the few things that we observe in our daily lives. We can say that the media is part of our lives. Our lives are connected to the media directly or indirectly. Whatever we consume whether it is news or entertainment from the media (mainstream or social media) it affects our lives.

So we should choose and watch media sources wisely as it affects our mental health too. 

If you want both entertainment and news on one platform you can access Rimnews. pk which is Pakistan’s based Top Urdu news website. This website gives you news about entertainment, sports, health, crime, weather, and all the other crispy news you want. This channel is a source of getting direct, clear, and verified news. As mentioned earlier, whatever we are consuming creates an impact on our mental health and our decision-making process. What if we are consuming false and misleading information without knowing the truth and making our views according to that? So getting information or news from a credible source is beneficial for a man and for society. The source which we are talking about gives Pakistan (‘s) latest news and International news. 

Pakistan lies in the continent of Asia. People of the same continent most probably seem the same. Their culture, their appearance and even sometimes they can understand each other’s language too, like Urdu which is Pakistan’s national language and can speak and understand in other countries like India, Bangladesh also a large number of  Pakistanis live in KSA and in the Middle east so people are familiar and understands the Urdu language there too.

The national language is the identity of a nation. A nation cannot survive without its identity. Prime Minister Imran Khan said: 80% of Pakistan’s population does not understand English which is more or less a ‘status symbol in our society. This is true we all know and it shows the slavery of a nation. So RIM NEWS’s intention is to break this mindset and promote the culture of their country by delivering Urdu news in Pakistan. By consuming Urdu news in Pakistan people can easily understand the real issues of society.

This is the world of media no matter what the form of media is, but the most popular form among youth is social media. Today’s youth are more educated and more interested in current affairs which they mostly get from social media. Social media provides a wide range of opportunities and people can make connections and access information more than ever. RIM NEWS, Pakistan’s Top Urdu news website available on social media sites to serve netizens with Breaking news (of) Pakistan and any International news.

Getting in touch with the latest news is also important for those who are preparing for competitive exams because now all the competitive exams are based on current affairs. For them, RIM NEWS is also a good option to get Pakistan (‘s) latest news and breaking news (of) Pakistan regularly.

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