How Much is The Opal Stone Jewelry Worth?

Opal stone jewelry is considered so valuable that people can even wear it on an engagement ring.

However, in this blog, we will focus on the monetary value of this wonderful gem and learn about the various factors that influence it.

In addition to the good things that increase the value of opal gems, you also need to be aware of the imperfections that can adversely affect them.

You need to ask yourself what is the reason for this big price fluctuation. There are several factors (or opal characteristics) that determine the value of opal stones. Type, lustre, origin, colour, pattern, fire, rarity and transparency are important reasons for causing such deviations in the price range of this brilliant gem.

Zoom in and take a closer look at the most important ones to understand why prices fluctuate.

First, we’ll discuss the types and types of opal gems and their potential cost impact.

In general, opal gems can be divided into two blocks: natural opals and synthetic opals. Both are equally desirable. Therefore, let’s understand all the subcategories without distinguishing them.

Let’s see what it is and how it affects the value of opal stones and opal wholesale silver jewelry.

Ethiopian opal

Ethiopian opal is one of the most popular and beloved opal gem varieties by all jewelry carriers and manufacturers worldwide. The play of fire and colour represented by this gem is remarkable enough to catch everyone’s eyes. This is the main reason why wholesale jewelry suppliers prefer it over any other variety.

Prices for this gem range from $ 0.15 to $ 4 per carat. This change is caused by the colour intensity it has and the inclusions or cracks it provides.

Black opal

It is a beloved opal gem variety because of its availability and its vibrant lustre. These black opals are mined in Lightning Ridge in northern New South Wales and Mintabie in South Australia. The price of black opal gemstones will rise to $ 68, starting at $ 14. However, it is not enough for opal to have a black colour to achieve its reputation. It should also have a brilliant glow that it is highly valued for. The best quality black opal is used to cure wholesale silver jewelry.

White opal

White opal is the most common type of opal gemstone and one of the cheapest available. The cost of this opal gem can be reduced to $ 4. But if the gem shows play in colour, it can go down to $ 60.

High availability is not the only reason for the low price. The transparency of these opals also affects cost. The less transparent the gem, the higher the price. This is to promote beautiful and vibrant colour play where opaque gems are loved all over the world.

Fire opal

The fire stick gets its name from the bright colours it has. The colours red, orange, and yellow do not indicate colour play. Still, it shows a moving bright green flash. This mainly affects the value of the fire stick. Jewels are found primarily in Mexico, and firewood prices range from $ 1 to $ 135. If you look closely at this gem, you will get the illusion that a fire is burning inside. Formerly known as the Mexican Fire Pole, it is highly regarded by jewelry wholesalers.

Matrix opal

Matrix opal is a gemstone variety opal in which original opal stones with playful colours are evenly distributed throughout the host rock. The host rock can be limestone, sandstone, or other compatible stone. This gives the opal a glossy look, as colour play is seen in every movement. Don’t get confused if someone calls it a Type 3 Opal.

The primary source of Matrix Opal is Andamooka, Australia, with prices ranging from $ 1 to $ 135. This gemstone complements the beauty of sterling silver by embedding it in a silver setting to create wholesale silver jewelry.

Blue opal (Peruvian opal)

Blue opal is primarily opaque and has a turquoise surface. The colours are almost plain, and there is no colour play. It is mainly found in Peru and is also called Peruvian opal.

The pattern and transparency of the gems determine the value of blue opal. However, the average cost of blue opal is about $ 1 per carat. These are the five most popular opal gems and their prices.

Some others include honeydew, highlights, and eagle owls.

Now you have all the essential ideas promised at the beginning of this blog. I have covered everything you need to know to deal with your confusion about opal stone jewelry and the price of individual opal jewelry.

We hope this blog will be of great help to your next sizeable wholesale purchase of opal silver jewelry. Please note that these are not permanent numbers and may vary depending on market trends.

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