How to avoid the attachment size limit of Gmail to send large files?

Gmail comes with a 25MB per email limit to send attachments. Users have facility to send multiple attachments in a single message but the term is that the file should be 25MB. In case, if the attachment exhausts the limit of 25MB, Google has authority to upload the file to your Google Drive automatically. This includes a link that will be an alternate of those attachments.

If you try to attach files that are larger than the limit of 25MB then, Google will start uploading such files automatically to the Google Drive account. After uploading, it will use a link to those files in the email and allow the email’s recipient to access those files easily. You can avoid the attachment size limit of Gmail to send large files by using authorized and reliable third-party software.

Deal with Gmail Attachment Size Limit

There are a lot of methods through which you can deal with  attachment size limit of Gmail. But before using any of them, make sure that the service is reliable and doesn’t ask any private information.

Compress the files into Zipping

An easy and simple alternative is to zip the files that will compress them to make them less than 25 MB. It is also possible to adjust the zip file to use it as attachment. The demerit of doing this is that there are some file formats which aren’t compressed in an effective way using .rar or .zip formats. Images and video files are rare and if you have documents, those are also compressed very well.

In case of sending a video file, the best way is to upload that video to YouTube in the private or unlisted link. After that, share the link to the other person via email.

How to do it?

If you are using Windows, you will need to right-click on the file and choose “Send to” and then, select the “Zip” folder.

For some reason, the zip files seem quite dodgy to the beginner but they actually are fine. They can be opened on Mac, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS without any additional software. If you have to send a 50MB file or even a bundle of large files then, use a compression program. That includes 7-Zip or Pea Zip for creating an archive and separates it into five 10MB files.

Cloud Storage Services

If you use another cloud service, you can upload the attachment to those platforms and attach the links in your email. There is a lot of service for the same including Dropbox as it is a free Gmail add-on. You have facility to access the Dropbox account that will be available in Gmail. There you have to choose the file which you want to send as an attachment.

When you do this, the link gets attached automatically in your message. Recipient will need to click on that link to download the file from the Dropbox directly. If you aren’t friendly with Dropbox then, there are two good alternatives too. Such include Sync and WeTransfer. Both of them have powerful and highly encrypted download links. Not only this, but they also have the facility to use passwords on links.

Use a sharing service for large file

Because the file is large there are so many options that are ideal for sending large files. There are a lot of services available online for the same. They allow you to upload a file and then, send a link to the recipient to recover it.

Just take an instance of WeTransfer, it is one of the most famous free platforms that are ideal to transfer large digital files. They can transfer any type of file, photos, documents, presentations, music, videos, and anything else ailed to this. All should be within the 2GB free limit; there is no need for registration as the files are available for two weeks.

You should always be aware of using third-party online services like this. Well, they are professional so you never know how reliable they are with whom you are sharing your files are.

Steps to Upload Files to Google Drive
  • First of all, click on the Insert files by using the Drive icon that will be at the bottom of the toolbar of Gmail
  • There you have to choose Upload appears at the top and if the file is already there in Google Drive then, choose it. After that, insert to attach it
  • Find the Upload tab and then, drag-drop the files into window. Else, click on Choose files that appears in the device to browser using your device
  • If it is not already chosen then, click on the Drive link that will be at the bottom of the window
  • It will convert the attachment into the Google drive link to insert it into your email
  • After that, click on the Upload to attach the files easily and compose the email after that click on Send
  • All you have to grant access to the file link and then, click on Send again

These are a few ways through which you can avoid the attachment size limit of Gmail and send large files as well. All of the given services will work with the latest version so, choose your preferred service and use it for sending large files as well.

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