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How to Buy Right Diamond for Your Engagement Ring?

This is the classic conundrum faced by most men planning to propose. For most of them, this is the first trip to the jewelers’, most do not know what to expect. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the right engagement ring in Denver or Los Angeles, what matters is the research and time you give for making an informed decision.

Your engagement ring is perhaps the most expensive gift you give your loved one. If you do not give it much thought and splurge unnecessarily, you might not have enough funds for further expenses like your marriage, down payment for your home, and so on.

To prevent this, here’s a general guide as to what you need to do before swiping your credit card at the jewelers.
Firstly, you need to know how a diamond is priced.

5 Cs Determine the Price of your Diamond

The Cut

The shape of the diamond determines the extent to which it shimmers. Though all diamonds come in a set of shapes, what matters is how they have been ‘cut’ to that shape. Cutting the diamond into shape is both an art and science, mostly done by hand by skilled artisans. The accurateness and shimmer of the diamond’s cut are graded on a scale of excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor.

The Color

Diamonds are generally white or colorless. & It is graded from D to Z. Usually, the more the diamond is to the D grade, the more expensive it becomes.

The Clarity

Diamonds have blemishes or inclusions that affect their appearance. These are common but most are not visible to the naked eye. The greater the diamond’s clarity, the more desirable and expensive they are. Clarity is measured between FL and I3.

The Carat Weight

Each diamond’s weight is measured in Carats. The heavier the diamonds, the more expensive and rare they can be. Usually, when people search for ‘engagement rings in Centennial’ or any other locality across the States, they are looking for standard mid-sized diamonds that can look great on engagement rings.

The Certification

Though most people are aware of the 4C features of each diamond, one aspect that also determines its price is its certification or grading report.

A report from an independent laboratory like the GIA or IGI adds value to the diamond and ensures it is genuine in all ways.

Other budget-friendly diamond options available

When we say budget-friendly options, we do not mean cheap diamond imitations like cubic zirconia or others. Here, we are talking about lab-grown diamonds which can be almost 40 percent cheaper than natural, mined diamonds.

In fact, not even a professional gemologist would be able to differentiate from a lab-grown diamond to a natural one without using specialized equipment.

The final price

Each of the 5C features has an impact on the price of the diamond. Each diamond is unique and the price of the ring depends on the type of design & diamond you choose.

That is why experts suggest going for custom engagement rings in Denver or any other locality in the US for the best price that suits your needs. If you need an engagement ring, a local jeweler would be more effective!

Nevertheless, it makes sense to search for ‘Diamond stores Denver’, ‘Diamond Stores in Chicago’ or elsewhere so that you have a variety of options in front of you. Don’t buy the first ring you liked, take time to choose for your loved one.

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