How to Buy Stock in Zerodha for Long Term?

Zerodha is one of the largest stockbrokers in India that offers retail brokerage, commodities and currencies trading, bonds and mutual funds. Zerodha trading platform is a go-to place if you are looking for the best investments in India.

Kite is a trading platform from Zerodha built with advanced technology and a super-fast backend for every of your trading needs and investment. In case you are wondering how you can buy long term stock using Zerodha. That is what will be discussed in this post. 

Buying stock in Zerodha can be done either through a browser by visiting the website or by downloading their mobile App.  

How to Buy Stock In Zerodha Using Browser

You have to simply visit, then log in with your username and password if you have registered with them already. But if you are new to the platform, you will have to register with them to get your username and password. 

Once you log in with your details you can then search for the name of the company you want to buy. The company name should be typed in the Watchlist which is on the left side of the browser. When the name of the company appears then you click on B(buy). 

Immediately a box

Immediately a box where you can enter the number of shares you want to buy will open. At the top of the box that will open you can select the exchange, you want either BSE or NSE. By default, the regular order will be selected and you don’t need to change it. 

You can select the Intraday(MIS) option if you are a day trader or want to buy and sell on the same day. But for someone that wants to buy long term shares then the CNC option will be selected. The Qty on the box is where the number of shares you want to buy is entered. 

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If you want to buy shares at the current market price, you can select the market option. The other option called limit can be used to set the price you want to buy. For instance, if the current market price of the company you want to buy is 2500 but you want to buy at 2490. Then you have to select the Limit option and enter 2490. But if the current market price is fine with you then select the Market option.

When you look at the bottom of the box you will see the Margin Required number. What that means is that you need to have that many funds already deposited into your trading account. After everything has been entered correctly you can click on buy. You can then go to the Orders tab to check if your order is successful or not. You will only get an error message if you don’t have enough funds.

How To Buy in Zerodha Using Mobile App

Though the user interface of the Zerodha Kite mobile App is different from that of the browser the process is similar. To use the app you will have to download and install the Kite App from the play store or iOS App store. 

Log in with your username and password, the very first screen is the Watchlist. You can search for the name of the company you want in the Search and Add. The name of the company will be displayed below, you can click on it. The Buy or Sell option will be at the bottom of the screen by now, then click on Buy. 


In the next screen displayed you will need to fill in some details such as the exchange option you want. Either NSE or BSE. The number of shares you want to buy under Quantity and select CNC if you want to buy the stock for long term. The MIS option is for intraday trades. You can select Market order if you want to buy at the current market price or Limit order to set a lower price. 

After all the details have been entered and selected you can then swipe to buy stock. You can now go to the Order tab which is at the bottom of the screen. Your order should be successful if there are enough funds in your Zerodha account.  


Buying stock in Zerodha is not complicated at all and with the guide above you can easily buy stock. Just make sure you enter the right details and select the right option between CNC and MIS. For the long term you will have to select the CNC option. Whether you want short term or long term investments or want to make investment decisions, give the Zerodha app a try. As it offers market updates and real-time data.

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