How To Choose A Guild In WoW?

Choosing a guild in wow

Finding a guild in the World of Warcraft game: Shadowlands is no easy task. Some players are lucky, and they find a future “family” in raids or even during pumping, but such fateful meetings do not happen often. How would I track down a good guild in WoW? Understand what exactly you need!

Learn to create your games

Organizations in WoW can be separated into four sorts as per their occupation: PvP, PvE, RP, and “we play all that since it’s good times” – the last option type needn’t bother with any special introduction, but I will tell you about the first three separately. Generate wow characters’ names using an online wow name generator.

World of Warcraft guild gathering

Any guild of these types can be either hardcore or casual. Yes, there are also “casual” roleplaying fans! They devote little time to the entourage and sometimes fall out of the role, but they are happy to connect to public events and conduct very entertaining dialogues in the guild chat.

There are moreover “organizations of interest,” whose individuals are not keen on playing the person or in crushing any stepping stools. Their individuals love to sit on a load with the entire group and guess that the grass in Azeroth used to be greener. True, getting into such guilds has its own difficulties – the enrollment in them is usually closed, but nevertheless, it is customary to dislike newcomers who have made their way, because they often try to stir up the old people and go on a hike for prey.  

PvP gods and their minions

PvP-oriented guilds prefer to spend their time in the battlefields and arenas. This doesn’t imply that their individuals don’t go to attacks or Mythic prisons by any means, yet they do it with extraordinary hesitance: as a rule, there are an adequate number of colleagues at most for one significant level key each week to get new things. Primary society time is spent on expanding the rating in the PvP season.

Relaxed PvP organizations most frequently don’t have a reasonable timetable, players impart on the web and are regularly partitioned into little gatherings of three to five individuals – the two of them have the opportunity to disappear to the field and to investigate the prison. In such organizations, two basic occasions are conceivable: worldwide PvP during different occasions, just as appraised landmarks.

Alliance Flag in Warsong Gulch

Hardcore PvP guilds are most often assembled precisely to increase the rating in massive 10×10 battles. It takes place on a clear schedule. 

Rogues in the open world are extremely abnormal characters …

In these groups, experienced warriors share tips in visits or on Discord. So you can generally further develop your game or become a tutor for another person. Assuming you don’t have a steady “three” or “two”, then, at that point, in PvP organizations. It is simplest to track down decent cooperation with an advantageous prime and a level of play sufficient for you. 

PvE Crabs and Hall of Fame Fans

The variety and constant updating of this type of content help players not to get bored, destroy monsters, and enjoy the storyline of the largest MMORPG in the world. 

A typical World of Warcraft game: Shadowlands raid

Recruitment in the PvE guild is ongoing. The modern raid group in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands consists of 20 continuously progressing players who need to devote time to their character every week. Not everyone is ready to go to the game as to work, so even in hardcore guilds, vacancies constantly appear. The main task of hardcore PvE guilds is to conquer the Hall of Fame. If such a pastime seems interesting to you, you are welcome.

In casual guilds, things are a little simpler. One or two days of RT with a must-visit and low difficulty raids without chasing a seasonal achievement suit many World of Warcraft fans. After all, LFR’s difficulty (from LFR – Looking For Raid) allows you to “enjoy the content”. But doesn’t force you to cram mechanics and fight the same boss a hundred times a day. This is the argument most often heard from supporters of casual PvE guilds. And he really has a right to exist!

Some guilds do not raid much but unite for a comfortable search for teammates in order to go through dungeons together. In addition, with the advent of the ladder in the addon. Such guilds most often began to recruit and weed out players according to this criterion. Sometimes the guild is accepted from a specific value of points. You can learn more about the addon in this article.


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