How to Clean Laptop Screen without Leaving Streaks

Do you want to clean your Laptop Screen? Laptops have become one of the most daily used gadgets. We carry it with ourselves and do all our work on it. Laptops are nothing but big tablets phones on which the majority of our office work or personal work is done. Ranging from higher studies to professional work, a laptop is needed. But do you know that the screen of the laptop is subjected to dust and dirt while we work on it?

We are sure you didn’t! If we see some dirt on the screen, we just clean it with paper and continue our work. But ask yourself, is that enough? We would say no! So, how to clean laptop screen? 

Cleaning laptops is not rocket science, but of course, you can’t just clean them with paper or cloth and do away with it. Laptops are used for every kind of work, so you must also take some care of them. Cleaning with just paper would leave streaks on the screen.

As a result, your laptop will look untidier than it was looking before. Don’t worry! We got you all set in this situation. We have brought you some amazing ways in which you can clean the laptop without leaving any streaks. 

Ways to Clean Laptop

How to clean a laptop screen? There are a number of ways available online that you can try in order to clean the laptop. But we will tell you just one method and you will see that you will not require any more methods. So, if you don’t want streaks on your laptop screen, you must use distilled water and white vinegar. Along with that, take a clean microfiber cloth too. Why a microfiber cloth? Well, microfiber cloths are made of special fibers that can easily trap dust particles, microbes, germs, etc., irrespective of being wet or dry. These clothes have the ability to protect laptop screens and other gadgets from the damage that chemicals can do to them.  

Vinegar too helps in removing all the dust, germs, etc., from the screen. Not just gadgets, but vinegar can be used in every way on anything. Now that you know why we use these things, let us look at the steps that you need to know in order to clean your laptop screens.     

1. Turn off the laptop

Before you start any kind of cleaning, make sure that the laptop is turned off. Unplug the laptop because when the gadgets are turned off, it is easier to see marks and dust particles on the black screen. Not only laptops, but TV, Fridge, and other gadgets must be turned off if they are being cleaned. 

2. Vinegar + Water Spray Bottle

Take a spray bottle and fill it half with water and half with white vinegar. You don’t need to be precise with the quantity. Distilled water leaves no residue when the water evaporates and when blended with white vinegar, it effectively cleans the screen. In case you don’t have distilled water, tap water will also do the work. 

3. Spray on the Cloth

Now that you have made the spray bottle, it is important for you to note that you must never spray any kind of solution on the screen directly. It can damage the screen in certain ways. Instead, you must spray the solution on the cloth and then clean the screen and the outer areas of the laptop. Also, make sure that you do not soak the cloth. The cloth just needs to be moist. That’s all! Too much water will cause it to drip into the electronics and might damage the internal parts of the laptop. Thus, make sure that you are cleaning the laptop with caution. 

4. Gently Wipe the Screen

After the solution is there on the cloth, wipe the screen gently in circular motions until the marks and streaks have been removed. Do not press hard on the screen. Just wipe it gently. If a particular mark is stubborn and doesn’t come out, then you must spray on the cloth once more and then repeat the process of cleaning it. 

5. Dry the Screen

Now take up the dry microfiber cloth and clean the wet laptop screen. Microfiber cloth is made especially for cleaning glass. It removes all the microbes, particles, dust, etc., from the screen. They do not shed any lint, which is why they are the best clothes for cleaning. 

So, these are the instructions with which you can easily clean your laptop screen. Well, you know the things to keep handy while cleaning the laptop screen. But you must also know the solutions you must never use to clean any gadget screen. So, here it goes:

  • Alcohol/ Ammonia: If you are not sure about how chemicals work on gadgets, then you must only stick to the distilled water and white vinegar.
  • Colin/ Windex: The sprays like Windex and Colin are for cleaning glass and mirrors. Never use them on laptop screens as they are too harsh and can damage the laptop screen. 
  • Paper Towels/ Tissues: Paper towels and tissues can scratch the surface of the screen and rather than cleaning, they will make the screen full of streaks and marks. Make sure you never use these three things on your laptop screens. It is better that you stick to the distilled water and white vinegar for gentle cleaning without damage. 


1. What can I use instead of a microfiber cloth?

In case you don’t have a microfiber cloth, you can use a soft dusting cloth. Any cloth that you use must be made of soft fabric. Do not use harsh tissues or paper towels to clean the screen. 

2. What is the best thing with which I can clean my laptop screen? 

Distilled water or tap water is good for cleaning laptop screens. Mix it with white vinegar and see how effectively the screen is cleaned. Follow the instructions mentioned above for the same. 

3. Can I use tap water to clean my laptop screen?        

Yes, tap water is fine for cleaning the laptop screen. If tap water leaves any residue, wipe it gently with a microfiber cloth. 

4. Are alcohol wipes good for laptop cleaning? 

  • We won’t suggest you use an alcohol wipe to clean your laptop screen. Alcohol damages the surface of the gadget to a large extent. Thus, anything containing alcohol or ammonia must not be used for cleaning laptop screens. 

So, these are the ways regarding how to clean laptop screen. Follow the instructions and clean the screen effectively. 

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