How To Close Instant Personal Loans

When you decide to pay and close your personal loan before the term of the instant personal loan online, that is prepayment. A instant personal loan is definitely one of the most important forms of loan that can be used to meet all small and big-ticket expenses. It does not need collateral or security from banks or financial institutions. You can go ahead and borrow to pay for education, trips, medical emergencies, or home renovation.

It is a flexible form of loan and it will be an easy one to determine your repayment. There are two ways by which you can repay your loan. Either you can prepay it before the instant personal loans tenure end or you go for a regular closure. It is a good option but has some drawbacks too. The same goes for a regular closure too. There are pros and cons as well. You can calculate the accurate amount with the help of a personal loan calculator. You need to understand each of the aspects to make sure that you borrow in the best way.

The pros of regular closure and payment of the loan

When you decide to close your personal loan on a regular basis, like you keep paying your loan amount till the end of the tenure, you can avoid paying a high rate of interest. Regular closure means you are able to finish your loan within the tenure of the loan. It will help you with a systematic payment and there will not be any sort of burden on you to arrange a surplus amount of money with which you can prepay and close your loan before you can even think of it.

Regular closure is important when you are not able to arrange a huge amount of money to close your loan. The monthly EMI is good for you to slowly finish off your loan within the tenure. EMI is affordable and there are no issues. But when you go for a foreclosure, you have to pay a huge amount of money.

Cons of Personal Loan Closures on a Regular Basis

When you decide to close your personal loan on a regular term, you will end up having a loan for a long period of time. Till the end of your tenure, you will have to keep on paying a fixed EMI as an obligation every month. It is like a debt burden that keeps ongoing for months and you will not be able to borrow another loan easily as your debt to income ratio will be high till you close your loan. This is something that makes things worse as there can be various emergencies when you will not be able to pay your EMI and you make your loan more expensive and you hurt your credit score eventually. In fact, a default makes you prone to serious conditions. This carrying forward of the loan till the tenure does have a lot of negative impacts.

Advantages of Prepayment and Foreclosure

Get off a loan easily

When you prepay your loan, you easily erase the burden of having an EMI that you need to pay monthly. A loan is a burden, and you cannot afford to keep on paying your EMI for a good number of years. If you have any surplus sources of money coming in, you can use them to pay off your loan before the tenure. This way, you will be able to close off the loan and decrease the burden of the loan.


When you prepay your loan before the term of the loan ends, you will get a good amount of savings. This is because you can save a lot of money without paying your EMI, rate of interest, or other charges and fees. It is an important way to deal with your savings in the best way. If you need a good savings account, pay off your loan and stop paying your rate of interest.

Borrow again for emergencies

When you close off your existing loan, you are able to borrow again at the time of crisis or any sort of emergency. If you maintain your credit score well and keep a good track record, you will be able to take out a loan again if you face any sort of emergency or crisis. This is an important perk of paying your loan and keeping an opportunity open to borrowing at the time of need.

The cons of personal loan prepayment and foreclosures

Pay heavy charges

If you think you are only saving with prepayment, you are wrong. You will have to pay heavy charges when you prepay your personal loans. It is helpful to understand the prepayment charges before you take a loan. The pattern of charges will be different for every loan provider. Make sure you don’t choose one with a high charge.

When you decide to prepay your loan, you need to pay a huge amount of money at once. This means you will need a high amount of money to settle up and close your loan. Do not take any risk in trying out prepayment. It is not a problem if you pay an EMI every month for the next few months.

Wrapping up

A personal loan or an instant personal loan online are two of the best financial solutions that you can find in a time of crisis. When you take a loan, you must compare all the rates and charges by using a personal loan calculator.

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