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How to develop a hyper Casual Game with low cost?

The article we’ll examine the ways to create successful hyper-casual gaming, what kind of mechanics these games employ, how to make them profitable and how much it would cost to create an ultra-casual game.

Hyper-casual games emerged as the new buzzword in the industry of mobile game development as 360devTeam (developer of The Maze Game, Save The Alien, Run And Smash – Zombies & Real Hard Car Parking 2021) was moved to the list of the top companies based on app development.

This rapid growth in revenue highlighted the popularity of the hyper-casual games. This style has remained popular since, and today this genre earns around $2 billion to $2.5 billion in annual revenues.

What is a Hyper-casual Game?

Hyper-casual games are a mobile game genre that provides easy gameplay using basic mechanics such as climbing, turning and stacking, among others. They need only minimal upon-boarding and they can play right away simply by tapping “start” or by pressing “start” or tapping the “start” button. The amount of time playing and finishing a level of the games that are hyper-casual is between 2 and six minutes on average. The aim for the player is identical for each level. However, the difficulty level will increase with each level in order to make the sport challenging.

Like other games there aren’t scores. There aren’t general ratings, or scores. One can paly these games at any time he wants. 

History of Hyper-Casual Games

Although the idea “Hyper-casual game” is still relatively brand new, very first hyper-casual games first came out in the year 2000. 1975, and was referred to as Pong and the next game came out in the year 1976, namely Breakout.

The game that was the first to be groundbreaking in Hyper-Casual included the ball that most of us know, Pac-man. It was a straightforward UI and there was no instructions regarding what we were required to accomplish. The participants just decided what they wanted to do while playing.

The following major launch of Hyper came after 9 year after the first Hyper being a Tetris game.

With the rise of online gaming, the hyper-casual games returned in 2017 due to Helix Jump.

The popularity of hyper-casual games is growing in the present because people can play them even when they’re free for only a few minutes. There is no registration requirement or waiting time. The user simply needs to start the game, then the game is set to start by pressing the start button, which will begin the game once the button is pressed.

Simple as that!

Key Features of Hyper Casual Game

Let’s examine the main characteristics that a game should be able to satisfy to be classified as a Hyper-Casual Games.

  1. Instant Gameplay

There are no game modes, there is there is no selection of levels, preloading cannot be done and there are no plot inserts.

The backdrop of the screen actually is the game.

The game’s gameplay is simple and does not require specifics.

The players can begin playing the game within five seconds of starting the game.

  1. Complete Attention

There’s no time for take a break and relax.

  1. Repeatability

In the course of the game, the player is chasing the same goal. 

The difficulty of the levels should increase or new obstacles need to add to the gameplay to keep it fresh.

  1. Use of components in moderation

The game is as easy as it is.

  1. Simple Monetization Model

The hyper-casual game doesn’t make more money through in-app purchases.

The primary source of revenue is advertisement. 

We will look at the strategies for monetization in the future.

Hyper Casual Game Design

Hyper-casual games feature clear and simple. To aid in focusing for players, the majority of games that are hyper-casual use geometric shapes and lines. This allows the player to focused on the game.

In addition to the straightforward visuals , Hyper-casual games also employ a variety of game mechanics. There are numerous different games that players can choose from. In most hyper-casual games, there is only one mechanic to keep the game simple. There are a variety of mechanics to the game, which is why it isn’t a typical sight.

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