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How to fix Malwarebytes Not Installing Due to JavaScript Error

Malwarebytes security software offers top tools for keeping the system secure. The setup for this antivirus is available for various platforms. You can get the Malwarebytes setup and then install its setup directly. But few users reported that Malwarebytes is showing JavaScript errors while installing. The setup shows errors when it can’t find the required services.

Reasons Behind Malwarebytes not Installing Error

  1. The user is installing an incompatible setup
  2. Malwarebytes setup is corrupted
  3. Junk files are interrupting the installation process
  4. Another security program is conflicting with Malwarebytes setup
  5. Low free hard-disk space on your device

Troubleshooting Malwarebytes not Installing Due to JavaScript Error

Restart the Computer

When the Malwarebytes setup shows a JavaScript error message, restart the device. Your setup may show an error in installing due to a runtime error. The setup can’t find the correct JavaScript due to runtime error and then shows the error message. To fix this, the user should restart the computer. After restarting, click on Malwarebytes setup and run it on the PC. The setup will find the correct files and will start installing the Malwarebytes setup on the device. 

Check Resource Requirements of Malwarebytes Setup

The setup requires certain resources of the device. When the device cannot provide those resources, the setup won’t install. When the error code occurs, you should check the Malwarebytes setup. Open the PC and check all its specifications.

If the setup for your Malwarebytes is not compatible with the device then you should search for another setup. Check for the compatible Malwarebytes setup. The compatibility error mainly occurs when the user is transferring the Malwarebytes setup. You can transfer your setup only to the same platform. 

Re-Download the Malwarebytes Setup

Installation error can occur if the user has a corrupted setup. You may get the corrupted setup from third-party sites. Sometimes, the user installs the setup from a third party and gets the corrupted setup. Your Malwarebytes setup can also get corrupted if the internet is not reliable. The setup can’t download correctly and the Malwarebytes popup won’t go away. Click on the setup and delete it from the PC. Now open the Malwarebytes website and download the correct setup. Click the setup and run it on the computer for installation.

Remove Junk Files from PC

The security program installation process can show issues due to junk files. When the computer has lots of junk. The junk files use your device space and can also start interrupting the system processes. Whenever any program shows an installation error, go to the junk and remove it.

Temp files often create installation issues; open the temp folder and remove those files. For removing junk from other files, the user should use a junk cleaner tool. Finding junk on every drive will take lots of time. Use cleanmgr utility and it will find all junk files on the computer. Remove the junk and reopen the downloads folder. Run Malwarebytes setup on the computer. 

Update the PC

The program may show installation issues when the PC is outdated. Due to the outdated OS, many services of your PC can’t work correctly. To fix it, the user requires a new update of the OS. Open the Update tab and check for the latest version of the update. Install the update on the computer and restart the PC to apply it. Now click on Malwarebytes setup and install reliably.

Remove Another Antivirus Setup

Before installing the Malwarebytes setup; the user should check for the old setup of security programs. If you have any setup then remove it before installing Malwarebytes. Security program setups often conflict with PC. Check the apps list and remove other security programs (even the expired ones). When you remove other security apps; go to Malwarebytes setup and install it on the computer.

If you have another Malwarebytes setup; remove it before installing a new plan. The user can run another antivirus with Malwarebytes. But while installing, the user should disable another antivirus. Go to your installed antivirus dashboard. Disable it temporarily and then install your Malwarebytes. Now make changes on Malwarebytes setup according to the services and then you can use both security programs on the PC

Increase Free-Hard Disk Space

Your antivirus won’t install if the system can’t provide enough space. The user should remove all unnecessary programs and large files. If you have movies or series on the computer; remove them. These files occupy huge space on the computer. Remove those files to increase free hard-disk space. Now click on the Malwarebytes setup and retry to install it.

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