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How to Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary?

Vocabulary is a set world in a particular language. For each individual, it develops with time, age and most effort. A strong vocabulary helps an individual in communicating and acquiring knowledge. Therefore, parents need to learn how to improve their child’s Vocabulary using effective techniques.

Since a child is born, parents start focusing on their Vocabulary. They make sure that their child learns and adapts to the language they are speaking. They make sure no negative vocabulary is used in front of the kids, and only positive words are fed into their Vocabulary. Parents make sure that healthy habits like reading and writing are incorporated among kids at an early age to improve their Vocabulary. If you need help helping your child with vocabulary building, Adnan Khan Tutoring offers extensive vocabulary lessons in its online tuition London. You can even enrol for online tuition from any part of the UK to practice online vocabulary tests.

How to increase Vocabulary?

Now that you know the importance of Vocabulary, you must be wondering how you could increase yours and learn some great sets of words. Here are a few tips on that:

  • Reading

 Read as much as you can. Help your child to develop a habit of reading every day, whether a book, newspaper, dictionary, thesaurus etc. Even if they read a small paragraph but read daily, start reading to them before bedtime at an early age to develop life habits.

  • Word Games

Start playing word games. Along with outdoor activities, you must make the best use of the playtime you spend with your child. Games like word search scrabbles will introduce your child to new words. 

You can use flashcards to help your young ones learn new words. Things learnt through play, and interesting activities help memorise well.

  • Use dictionary and thesaurus

While reading and playing word games, your child will encounter many words they have never heard before. Naturally, they will not even understand their meanings. Encourage them to look for the meanings themselves through dictionaries. Then ask them to look for similar meaning words through a thesaurus. This way, they will have multiple words in their vocabulary to describe the same situation.

  • Practice is the Key

Do not just leave it there once you have introduced your child to a new set of words. Practise those words in your day to day conversations. Ask them about it and help them use those words practically to stay and become a part of their Vocabulary. Practice till the time they start using it automatically, on their own.

Improve listening and writing Vocabulary

Vocabulary is not only enhanced by reading or speaking new words. Try to encourage your child to watch informative shows to improve their English vocabulary. 

Encourage them to write more often, even if it’s a small note or daily diary. Please encourage children to express their feelings through words in writing. Tell them that there are no boundaries in writing, and this habit will eventually improve their Vocabulary. 

Fun and Interactive Ways to Improve the Child’s Vocabulary!

Following are some of the best ways to improve vocabulary. Expert educationists highly suggest these methods. 

Set New Words into Context

Try to help your child understand the context of the particular word. It will enable them to use the word in different sentences, maintaining the actual meaning of talk. This is an extremely important practice to consider while working on your child’s vocabulary. 

Put A Word in Different Scenarios

Always try something different to excite your child. Therefore, you should introduce a new word into your routine discussion or conversation. When you use a word in different scenarios, they will learn that it has different meanings in different situations. Try to use examples to help them understand. 

Promote Repetition

A child learns more efficiently when they regularly use the word. However, it is suggested that your child hear the word about 4 to 12 times. It will help students memorise the word for the long term. 

Do Not Pressurise Your Child with New Words

You need to be considerate while helping your child build a solid vocabulary. However, you must find a way to manage many new words at a time. The child gets frustrated, and they lose interest easily. Create a proper plan and drop new words into daily conversation naturally. 

Reading Books

Develop your child’s interest in book reading. It is the most prominent way to improve vocabulary. Children who like to read books have a much more robust vocabulary than others. However, you can start with exciting and poem books to excite the child. It introduces the child to a comprehensive range of words, different from daily conversation. 

Read Aloud

Reading the words aloud also helps a lot in building the vocabulary. Even if your child is an excellent reader, they will access harder sentences when you read aloud to them. It is sometimes difficult for children to read on their own. Reading aloud the challenging words will help them conceive words efficiently. 

In addition to all this, you can provide your child additional support through Adnan Khan Tutoring. They offer Online English Tuition courses designed according to your child’s learning abilities. Their tutors are experienced and trained to help your child improve their Vocabulary through different activities and lessons.

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