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How to move your furniture damage-free?

You can update your home without buying anything by move furniture around, but if items are damaged along the way, a quick reconfiguration can end up costing a lot. To prevent furniture from being damaged, you must make sure that you know the specific, unmistakable procedure of packing furniture.

To relieve some of your concerns, we have compiled some noteworthy furniture packing tips that will unquestionably assist you in moving furniture items in an extremely smooth manner.

1. Pack Your Furniture Protectively

  • Get a Friend to Help You

You are most likely to damage your furniture if you move it on your own. If at all possible, ask a friend or family member to help you move the furniture and guide you.

  • Make a plan first

Before moving furniture, you should always determine where you want it. There are many apps that can help you design mock layouts before moving so you can decide what option is best for you.

  • Lock drawers or remove them

Removing drawers from the furniture you are moving is a good idea whenever possible. Otherwise, tape them so they won’t slide open during the moving.

  • The furniture should be covered

If your furniture rubs against anything, covering it helps protect it. Even if you are just moving from one room to another, you should take this precaution when moving wooden items. Plastic wraps for furniture and pads for everyday use are some of the options available.

2. Protect your walls and doors with a film protector

  • Including corner guards

You may have difficulty seeing what you are doing or maneuvering the furniture when you come around a corner. This is where corner guards come in handy.

  • Use tape-up paper to strengthen corners

The process of moving furniture from room to room often results in scuffs and scrapes. Taping up packing paper may take a little while, but it can save your walls from damage.

  • Remove the doors before moving

Taking off a door and removing it from its hinge is quick and easy. Then you can move furniture more easily.

  • Jam protectors make furniture moving easier

Once the doors have been removed, door jamb protectors can be easily installed. To prevent scrapes, dents, and bangs when moving furniture through doorways, these pads must fit around the jambs on either side.

3. Make sure your floors are protected!

  • Sliders are recommended

A furniture slider protects your floors from damage and makes it easier to move furniture. From small felt pads that adhere to the legs of chairs to large panels that slide heavy items like pianos easily, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

  • Put Down a Protection Layer

To protect hard surfaces such as wood and tile, tape down cardboard or ram board. A film protector can prevent people from tracking dirt into carpets and make moving furniture easier.


It can’t be denied that many furniture items are heavy and have a large amount of space, they are not easy to lift. It is hard to move these things in a damage-free manner, especially when they are fragile. If you’re moving heavy furniture or floors, it is best to hire professionals who can handle the heavy lifting for you.

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