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How to pack fragile objects during a move?

Fragile items like crockery, glass figures, or computer screens, need greater attention on their packaging and other objects that are less at risk of being broken. The movers specialize in moving broken objects and are highly skilled.


Keep breakable items to a minimum.

It is best to wait to pack fragile items after everything else has been packed. However, don’t start the task too late.

Fragile items require more care and can take longer to pack. People who begin packing fragile items quickly find that time is their enemy. You will soon realize that moving day is here and you must finish most of the packing. You need to give yourself enough time so that you can complete all the work. So your items will be safe by this in moving truck.

A stack of cushioning elements can be used

You should not only use newspaper or bubble wrap to wrap your breakable items, but also fill the bottoms of the boxes containing the articles. You don’t have to use bubble wrap if you don’t want it to be too expensive. Instead, make sure you use a lot of tissue and paper.

This is a great alternative and much cheaper. You should pack fragile items tightly in every box to reduce the chance of them colliding during transport.

Choose the right type of box

While you can pack fragile items with the best care, it may not be enough if they aren’t placed in a sturdy container for shipping. If possible, use boxes known as “plate packs”.

These boxes are made from thicker cardstock, which will resist punctures and absorb the shock of sudden movements better. Talk to your mover regarding shipping instructions or special containers for valuable items.

Do not forget to prepare for unpacking

Similar items should be packed together, and properly labeled in the boxes. Label the boxes so you can easily find your valuables during unpacking. After use, paper, corrugated cardboard pads, and loose-fill foam can all be recycled.

Talk to an expert

A national moving company is likely to be your best friend and resource. They have years of experience moving fragile objects.

  • Fine artwork- Moving delicate items like frames and pictures can be difficult. Talk to your moving company to learn more about their specialties. This is particularly important for fragile artworks, ceramics, and sculptures.
  • Electronics – Flat-screen TVs, audio/video equipment, and cameras need special care. Use the original box and any shipping materials whenever possible before you pack your items in padded boxes. Talk to your moving company about the options for valuation and the specialty moving.


Specialized moving services may be a better option if you are moving unique or valuable items that require special handling and delivery instructions. Some household items require special handlings, such as artwork, grandfather clocks, and valuable antiques.

Your specialist carrier must be able to supply custom boxes and high-quality packaging materials. They should also be able to provide expert assistance to ensure that your most precious possessions are shipped safely.



There are two basic types of packaging for moving:

  • Boxes made of cardboard: To move books, clothes, records, and other items, you will need cardboard boxes. They are the main element of moving packaging. The cardboard boxes should be as strong as possible, and double the thickness is a good idea.
  • Bubble wrap with foam is used to protect fragile instruments such as glass objects and vases.
    Plastic Covers: For larger objects such as mattresses, armchairs, and furniture.
    Fillers Normally, paper is used to fill in the empty spaces or to cover the interior of glasses.
    To fill in the empty spaces, old clothing and blankets can be used.

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