How To Pick the Right Type of Underwear for Men?

The majority of men don’t give a damn about their underwear as long as it does what it’s meant to do.

Unless you’re one of those men, keep in mind that your underwear is the most worn item in your closet and can have a huge impact on quality of life physically during the day. Consider the possibility of skin-tight cloth or elastic bands in areas you don’t really want them.

Aside from that, what you wear underneath can have an impact on your look. Do you believe that no one can see your underpants anyway? Wrong — wear the wrong pair of pants, and the creases will show though your pants.

If this is surprising to you, it’s time to give your undergarments some thought. Examining your type of body is a surefire approach to nail the look and fit. Your shape and height will influence which type is best for you, and there are more alternatives than just briefs and boxers, with material, rise, and cut variants to boot.

Don’t be concerned if this appears to be difficult. We’ll start with the four most common varieties of underwear, from which you may simply find one that suits you.


Briefs, the underpants style you were initially introduced to in life, regrettably conjure up images of the tighty-whities your mother used to keep in your drawer.

Male briefs, on the other hand, can be far less awkward-looking and also much sleeker (think Calvin Klein style), assuming you know where to purchase and that they fit your body type.

However, few men have the physique of underwear designers to work with. Even yet, the appropriate fabric and design can be accommodating, and briefs may be ideal for folks with specific body characteristics

First and foremost, if you are shorter and find that designs like boxers overpower your body, briefs are a better option for you. They’re also great for people who are big and strong who find that other underwear styles, such as boxers or trunks, are too tight around their thighs.

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Finally, if you chance to be “well-endowed,” your foundations must be strong enough to sustain your weight. This will be abundantly supplied in a well-fitting set of briefs, which will outperform any other underpants style in this regard.’

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Boxers are clearly preferred for their ventilating capabilities, but when they are comfortable to wear, they are reserved exclusively for sleep time due to their lack of support. They are, nevertheless, a suitable option for particularly tall or large-framed guys who may find other underwear types excessively tight, tiny, or lacking in covering.

If you’re “rounded” or “apple-shaped,” that is, if your waist size is significantly greater than your chest, shoulders, and hips, you’ll benefit the most from them. Boxers have a larger waistband that won’t scrape into your girth awkwardly.

Boxer Briefs

This two-in-one hybrid of briefs and boxers combines the best of all worlds, providing coverage from the former and support from the latter.

In terms of manly frame and shape, boxer briefs will suit the ordinary Joe – not too short, not too tall, not too muscular, not too slender, and not too round. Also, if you’ve experienced small troubles with donning either briefs or boxers, boxer briefs can be your perfect match.

While boxer briefs appeal to a wide range of people, they work best on one body type in particular: the pear shape.

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