How to Register US Company from Pakistan

Having a company in US, can lead your business internationally. Platinum Formations provides you complete guidelines about How to Register US Company from Pakistan. You can present yourself as a multinational company in market. Having a company in US, can become a second source of income for your business.

If you are a Pakistani resident and want to Register a US company from Pakistan, Platinum Formation is the best platform for you to do this job. In this article you will learn complete process step by step that How to Register US Company from Pakistan. What you need and How we can help you for these services.

US Company Registration For Non Residents

There are Many reasons to open US company from Pakistan. The biggest reason is Payment Gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Mercury etc. are not available in Pakistan. Pakistani Freelancers face multiple problem during money transections from US to Pakistan through third-party gateways.

If you are a US resident, Company formation is not a big issue for you. But if you are not a US resident, Things become complicated for you to register US company from Pakistan. We are happy to tell our clients that this is not big deal for Platinum Formations. We are helping hundreds of Pakistani Freelancers to register their companies in United States of America.

US Company Formation For Non Resident with Bank Account

You can open your bank account in USA easily after registering your company in US. There are several merchant account services companies like Stripe, PayPal, Mercury, Pioneer, First Century Bank etc. There are variations in the costs of these Merchant services.

These Merchants are not still available in Pakistan. That’s why Platinum Formation provides the best solution to help freelancer in Pakistan to open US Bank account from Pakistan for business setups. You are required to provide both personal and business informations required to open US Bank Account.

To get a USA bank account, you need to have a company registered in the USA. Once your company get registered in the USA, you will get an EIN. You will be able to open US bank account after completing the documentation Processes.

How to Register a Company in USA

The best business structure to form company in USA is an LLC. Anyone can register a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in US.

Below steps are required to register an LLC in USA:

  • Select a State
  • Name your Limited Liability Company
  • Hire Platinum Formation as your Agent service
  • File your LL with the State
  • Create an LLC operating agreement
  • Get an EIN
  • Get a physical Mailing US address
  • Open a US Bank Account

Foreign Company Registration in Pakistan

What are the key Steps for the registration of foreign company?

Steps for the registration of foreign company.

  • Check the availability of Company Name
  • Documentation Process
Check Availability of Company Name

The first important step for the registration of a Foreign Company is to check availability of name of the proposed company. The name of the proposed company must:

  • Correct
  • Acceptive
  • Identical
  • Government connections free
  • not offend to any religious susceptibilities of the people

To check the availability of Company Name, concern with Platinum Formation. We will guide you in this regard.


The second step is Documentation Process. A foreign company required to fill the following documents.

  • Certified copy of the charter and articles of company
  • address of registered office of the company
  • References of directors, If any, of the company
  • particulars of the principal officer of the company in Pakistan
  • Particulars of Person resident in Pakistan
  • Authority letter

USA LLC Company Registration Fee

PF offers the best USA LLC Company Registration Fee and C-Corporation Packages. Ultimately we estimate the requirements of the freelancers of the the Pakistan. That’s why, we provide reasonable prices.

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