How to Successfully Sell Products on Amazon

Sometimes you get a chance that is so attractive that it’s impossible to refuse. One example is the chance to sell products on Amazon.

The attraction for both new and existing E-commerce sellers is the immediate benefits of tapping into the eCommerce giant’s huge built-in traffic buyer stream.

Furthermore estimates, experts estimate that the number of Prime members as of this moment. In maintaining Prime members happy, Amazon has built a long-lasting relationship with repeat customers.

Choosing Your Amazon Seller Account

The first step to start your Amazon company is to sign up to get your own Amazon Seller Account. There are two options to look at The Individual Seller Account as well as the professional Seller Account.

A Seller’s Account for Individual Purchases is charged a fee per unit per item sold, while The Professional (Pro) Seller Account is charged a monthly fee, regardless of the number of items sold.

Steps for Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account

The process of setting up your account will take approximately 10-15 minutes. You’ll need your company’s EIN in hand. If not you can register using an active Social Security Number.

Amazon will require you to fill out a brief tax interview on the internet. This is to help with Amazon tax reporting requirements.

After answering the additional seller information questions, and taking a brief survey, you’ll be successfully set your account. Congratulations! You can begin selling on Amazon today!

Fulfillment Options: Self-Fulfilled or FBA

The next step is to decide if you would like to fill your orders yourself or let Amazon complete your orders for customers.

Self-fulfilled purchases can benefit from the lower cost of postage using Amazon-certified carriers. 

When a client buys an item through you, they may print a pre-paid postal label using Amazon. In other cases, you can use the carrier of your choice and the postage label.

When I first began selling on Amazon nine years ago, it wasn’t the best option that was available to us. It meant that I had to pack and ship individual orders on my own or with helpers, as my business began to expand.

Amazon FBA also known as Fulfillment through Amazon is a product that is offered to sellers. Amazon stores your items and ships them to you. They also handle all returns and customer service for you.

This FBA program is available to all sellers, regardless of whether you’re on an individual or professional seller account. If you decide to take advantage of FBA services, you’ll be required to deliver the inventory of your product to Amazon’s Warehouse.

Product Selection

At the present, Amazon is a valuable platform for private label independent brands. You can take SellerApp’s help for doing amazon product hunting. Product research is all about finding the best products in current market trends.

Amazon continues to introduce seller features that are geared towards independent private brand names. In this regard, the most effective product you can market to Amazon is your private label products.

Certain sellers on Amazon offer their products through an approach called Retail Arbitrage However, the process of Retail Arbitrage does not constitute a method that could be used to build a long-term expandable business

Therefore, selling products with private label branding is still the best option to pursue.

Many sellers have taken advantage of the chance to launch whole brands in a matter of hours. The recognition that Amazon gives to new line sellers who can use the site is an enormous advantage to selling on Amazon.

Sourcing Suppliers for Private Labeling

One of the most cost-effective methods to create a private brand product is to get it imported from China. Alibaba is a well-known site that connects producers and suppliers from China with the world.

It’s a well-known website for many Amazon private label vendors. For more information on how to get products from Alibaba secure, take a look at our guide to sourcing products from Alibaba.

Add Your Product to the Amazon Catalog

After you have your item in place, you’ll have to create a brand new product listing on Amazon’s catalog so that you can list your product for sale on the website. 

This is necessary because you are doing this as you’re selling a brand new product under your brand’s name and has never before been sold previously on Amazon.

It can be done via the dashboard of your seller. In the “Inventory” tab, you’ll be in a position to add a brand new item to your catalog.

This listing of products will function for your sale page to convert your prospective customer into a customer who will pay. This means that we have to tweak it to get the highest conversion rates. Start with the title of the product.

Creating An Amazon Product Title

Your product’s title is among the most important in the process of improving the performance of your Amazon pages for your product.

Here are some elements of a successful Amazon product name:

  • Maintain the character limit The title should be less than 200 characters long. Amazon could remove your listing if you have a longer one.
  • Make it clear: Keep your title short and informative as well as entice visitors to visit your product website
  • Utilize Your Keywords: Use the most relevant keywords for your product in your title
  • Incorporate Your Name as a Brand The title should contain your brand’s name.
  • Add the quantity of product The title must contain the total quantity of the package of the product if it is applicable.
  • Follow Amazon’s guidelines The title should be in line with Amazon’s Style Guidelines, which are found in SellerCentral

Creating Your Amazon Product Images

In any eCommerce company with a product, having stunning images can increase the likelihood of selling your product.

Here are a few elements of great product images that you can find on Amazon:

  • Use a white background The main images should be set with a white background.
  • Make sure that the pixels are optimized The images must have at minimum 1000 pixels on their longest side, and at least 500 pixels wide on the narrowest side to be zoomable on a page.
  • Make Real Photos: Use photographs of your products whenever you can, instead of computer-generated images
  • Include Lifestyle Photos: Show your product in action If possible
  • Include Detail and Alternate Angle Photos Make close-up photos of your items and images from different angles

Write A Compelling Amazon Product Description

There is a technique to creating descriptions of products that sell. Making sales-oriented copy and knowing what words are most likely to convert potential buyers is a huge market today.

Here are some elements to creating a successful description of your product:

  • Review the Benefits and Features present product features along with the benefits for consumers that they are relevant to
  • Find a Solution: Refer to the issue you’re solving using your product
  • Make it relatable: Create an image in the customer’s mind of how the product is relevant to them.
  • Use Call-to-Action: Close by launching a powerful call-to-action. Make it clear to the client to purchase!

If you’re not proficient in writing sales copy, that’s not an issue. There are Amazon-specific writing services, such as SellerApp which can help create your amazon product descriptions for you.

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