Hydraulic Filters – Basics, Purpose And Types

Hydraulic Filter System

Hydraulic filters are important to the health of your hydraulic filters system. They help remove microscopic particles that could otherwise cause damage. And protect against dirt getting into sensitive areas like final drive motors. 

The input talks about what goes on inside a filter but never says anything specific other than it being useful for removing contaminants from fluids or preventing them altogether. If you have an oil-free pump which requires these types/kinds specifically made with anti microbes as standard.

Purpose Of Hydraulic Filters

Filters are a great way to keep contamination local. If something goes wrong with your hydraulic system, the filter will help limit its spread by only letting in clean fluid from one direction and preventing dirty oil or other unwanted particles from flowing back out again.

Types Of Hydraulic Filters

In a hydraulic system, there are pressure filters and low-pressure (aka return) ones. These two categories can be further broken down into individual types like pleated or plate style according to their shape. As well in addition with other factors such as flow rate that define how they function within the machine’s overall design goals for efficiency purposes!

Screen Filters

Screen filters are a series of tightly woven wires that allow for the trapping and removal of particles depending on their pore size. This method can be used in many different ways, such as with suction strainers found at pump outlets to filter out contaminants before they enter your water supply line or even sieves made from organic materials like coconut fiber which captures everything smaller than 3 microns.

Inline Cartridge Filters

If you have a dirty filter on one of your machinery’s lines, it can cause major problems. The inline cartridge filters are easy to replace and find near low pressure points. While the spin-on type usually resides in return ducts or at higher volumes for larger machines like construction sites with gas equipment. Where there could potentially be more buildup due its greater capacity so they’re better suited towards those uses!

Bag Filters

Hydraulic fluid is a very important part of any equipment, but it’s also vulnerable to contamination. The bag filter traps solid contaminants like rust and dirt inside its weave which can be found mostly on heavy duty applications with large volumes that require cleanliness in order for safety reasons.

Filter Housings

Most of these filters are contained in plastic, steel or aluminum housings. The type primarily depends on the pressure levels involved. That’s why you would see a variety for low and high-pressure return lines respectively! For example case drain filters have an aluminum housing which is designed to withstand higher pressures than other kinds do.

Quality Hydraulic Filters VS Cheap Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic filters are an investment in your system’s life and health. Quality hydraulic filters may seem expensive, but cheap ones can do more harm than good! Make a wise decision by investing on quality equipment that will last you longer with every penny spent- invest today for tomorrow peace of mind

A lot cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to picking up automotive consumables like these essential pieces of hardware known as “hydraulic systems”. It might surprise many people how many low cost options out there actually offer very little protection against harmful contaminants. Which means their effectiveness quickly dwindles down.

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