Important Things To Consider While Installation of Swing

Installation of a swing set is a labor-intensive process. With thousands of new customers buying a swing set clips each day, the problem of installing the swings comes up for discussion often. It has been seen that this routine takes approximately two hours to complete and it depends on how large your backyard is and from where you have bought the product etc.

Safety Of Kids

The most important aspect needed while installing a swing set is the safety of your children. You need to be very careful while choosing the swing set clips, spinner plates, hook and other accessories required during installation. There are some parts that require extra attention so as to ensure the safety of your child. We will discuss these aspects in detail along with their uses and installation guidelines.

Choose Right Accessories

First step in swing set installation is to choose the right clips, spinner plates and hooks for your setup that matches your requirement as well as the type of swings you want to attach. There are plenty of options available such as indoor ceiling mounted spinners etc. 

Safety Guidelines

However, even if you fall below this mark and still sit on a swing, there is a possibility of serious damage occurring to your spine and joints.

Always make sure you use the right kinds of clips, hooks etc. because these are responsible for carrying your weight to keep you safe while swinging or spinning on a particular swing set.

If you want to install a heavy-duty swing set in your backyard, check and analyze how much weight it can bear and go ahead with the installation process. If you are not sure, get in touch with a professional and do not attempt to install it on your own.

Installation Guidelines for Various Parts of Swing Set

Now we will discuss the uses and installation guidelines for various parts of a swing set:

  • Swing Hooks

A swing set hooks are metal loops which are attached to the side of a tree, beam, or another structure. The end of the chain on the swing hangs from this point. Swing set hooks are usually made out of iron due to their strength and resistance to rusting. Most people use a similar design to be able to hang multiple swings from one structure. The swing set hook attaches the chains to the beam or tree branch and is extremely durable — therefore extremely expensive as well.

The angle of attachment is very important and if not done properly, it can result in a bad fall. We recommend you choose swing hooks heavy duty .

  • Clips

Swing set clips will either look like a hook, consisting of a circular loop with a metal hook attached on the top or they will look more similar to an S-shaped piece of wire. Swing set clips are attached at each corner and one in the middle of each support beam. One end of the clip is pushed through a hole in the frame and then bent over so that it remains firmly stuck. 

The other end of the clip is pushed through the swing set hanger and once it is on both sides, it is bent over so that everything remains stuck together securely. These clips are to be attached on the chains of the swing and they also need to be installed at specific angles for safety reasons. They should match with the ones being used on your swing set.

  • Swing Hangers

Swing set hangers are made out of either plastic or metal. Once swing hangers are attached to the frame with clips, one side goes into a sleeve or pipe that is buried in the ground and the other side goes into a sleeve or pipe above ground. Hangers are designed to either be put in concrete sleeves if the swing set is going to remain in one place for a long time or they can be attached directly to stakes which will then be pounded into the ground.

All these parts are very important and you should try installing them yourself but if it seems difficult, leave it to the professionals. There are some other parts too which you should pay attention to, such as lanyards for swings, swing seats etc. 

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