iPhone 7 Repair: Troubleshooting – Common Problems & Their Easy Fixes

The iPhone 7 is considered a great smartphone by those of us who have had the pleasure of using them. However, when they first came out in mid-September 2016, there were several bugs and inconsistencies.

Many of those iPhone 7 issues, on the other hand, were linked to the iOS 10.0 release, which occurred only days before the phone’s release. Those early issues have been resolved as a result of numerous upgrades, but there are still some frequent iPhone 7 issues that you may be encountering. 

The good news is, before taking your phone to an authorised iPhone 7 repair centre, there are numerous iPhone 7 troubleshooting tips available to assist you in resolving those issues.

Common Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

iPhone 7 Does Not Turn On

This may be just a system crash. Even if the phone appears to be dead, perform a reset on the iPhone 7. To do so, simultaneously press and hold the power (sleep/wake) and volume down buttons for 10-15 seconds. If the logo appears, that means your forced restart worked.

What to do next: Your iPhone 7 may run out of battery if it’s still turned off. Ensure that it is plugged in and charged for a few minutes.

It could be a charging issue if nothing happens after 10-20 minutes. If your phone’s battery is fully charged but still would not respond to the reset, connect it to a computer and try to restart it through iTunes. Alternatively, you can check with your iPhone mobile repair centre for the issue if none of the fixes work

iPhone 7 Does Not Charge

The iPhone 7 features a huge battery and the A10 Fusion chip has been enhanced. When these two factors are combined, the iPhone 7 has relatively long battery life. Long battery life, on the other hand, will not help you if your iPhone 7 is having charging issues.

How do you fix an iPhone 7 that won’t charge?

  • It’s usually the charger. To isolate the problem, try charging your phone with a different charger.
  • Examine the charging port on your iPhone 7. That could be the issue if it’s filthy. You can clear out any excess dust and grime with a toothpick if necessary.

It’s important to remember that it’s generally the charger or the electrical outlet that’s causing the problem. If you’ve double-checked everything and still haven’t found a solution, you’ll need the visit your nearest authorised iPhone 7 repair centre

Unresponsive iPhone 7

 No matter how great your iPhone 7 is, it will occasionally freeze. What if your iPhone 7 gets stuck in the middle of a task? This is a common problem with phones and other technological devices.

  • The simple reboot. Always switch it off and then back on again as a first step. Hold down the sleep/wake button until the message “slide to power off” appears. Slide your finger across the screen. Wait a few moments before turning the phone back on.
  • The uninvited reboot. Wait while pressing and holding the sleep/wake and volume-down buttons at the same time.
  • Make sure the problem isn’t caused by a dead battery.
  • Is your phone powered up and making noises, but the screen is entirely blank? Below is a tip to iPhone 7 black screen troubleshooting.

iPhone 7 Shows Black Screen 

You can tell your iPhone 7 is turned on because you can feel it. The screen, on the other hand, is black and unresponsive. 

So, what exactly do you do? What caused your screen to become black? What’s more, how do you solve it?.

A dark screen usually means there’s an issue with the computer’s hardware. This indicates that there isn’t a quick fix. However, before jumping to conclusions, it’s always a good idea to force a reboot, as a poor software update might result in a variety of issues, including the black screen.

 If it doesn’t work, you might need an iPhone 7 screen repair, which an authorised iPhone 7 repair centre can do for you

iPhone 7 Overheating Issue

Since the iPhone 7 was released, users have complained about overheating. Some of these claims were genuine, and Apple eventually corrected them by releasing iOS. Other allegations were overblown, driven in part by a viral video of an iPhone 7 catching fire or other viral content. The majority of these were ultimately discovered to be either false or caused by a faulty battery.

In the end, the iPhone 7 has shown no signs of overheating.

When heavy CPU-intensive processes are running in the background, it’s usually for a phone to overheat. If you’re using your iPhone 7 to play augmented reality games, stream live on Facebook, or do something similar, don’t be surprised if it becomes hot. The iPhone 7 troubleshooting techniques for overheating are straightforward:

  • Remove all GPU-taxing applications.
  • If your phone is still hot after you’ve closed all apps, it’s possible that a guzzler app is operating in the background. Start your iPhone 7 again.
  • Your phone is turned back on, but it’s still hot? Look for a recently updated app that might be the source of the issue. Have you discovered a suspicious app? Simply take it out of your phone.
  • Is it still too hot? DFU mode and iPhone 7 recovery are two options.
  • If you’re still getting hot, your iPhone 7 may have a hardware issue. Before you do anything irrevocable to your phone, you should turn it off and schedule a repair session with an expert iPhone 7 repair centre

The Bottom Line

The iPhone 7 is a robust, sturdy device. The iPhone 7 is water and dust-resistant as long as you do not drop it in a pool or a dune. They can’t get in because the case is sealed shut with adhesive. This adhesive also makes self-repair on your iPhone 7 more difficult because it makes the case more difficult to pry open.

Regardless of whether your phone is insured or not, is to never attempt to open it on your own. Make an appointment with your iPhone 7 repair technician at a time and location that is and they will take care of your iPhone 7 issues.

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