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Is Your Outlook Data File Cannot be Found? – Fix It

Are you getting an error stating that Outlook data file cannot be found? Need not worry as this is not an uncommon issue with Outlook users. Outlook data files are used by this email client for storing its emails, calendars, contacts, and other data items. Outlook is a reliable email application that does not crash easily and neither does it show errors as often. But still, it shows errors like being unable to read the data files, etc.

The PST file (data file) is the personal storage table that saves Outlook’s data on the user’s computer and one can share it with other users. Due to several reasons such as the huge PST file size, it can get corrupted easily. It is important to find out the reason why Outlook might be showing such as error and fix it because the data contained within the PST files can be on the verge of permanent loss.

User Query: “I exported Outlook data into a PST file format and shared it on another PC. When I tried to use that file, Outlook is unable to locate it. What can be the reason behind this and how can I resolve it?”

Let us see why Outlook is unable to locate the data file and what are its fixes.

Outlook Data File Cannot Be Found – Solutions

You must do the following remedies to fix this Outlook error:

  1. Check Outlook: Conflicts can happen because you might have installed new software that is giving problems. You must check if the Outlook file size is exceeding 15 GB. If yes, you must try to remove them. Perform the following steps to check Outlook:

Launch Outlook, and go to File > Mailbox Cleanup, and then select View Mailbox Size.
Under the Folder tab (at the top of the screen), select your account. Navigate to Folder Properties > Folder Size.

A pop-up will show the space that is being used up and what is occupying that space. You can choose to delete items from the Junk folder, Deleted items, Unnecessary emails from the inbox, Emails with not-so-important files, images, or attachments.

2. Create a New Outlook Data File: Creating a new PST file can help resolve the error. You can create the file using the Mail Setup Wizard. 

3. Repair Corrupt PST Files: Outlook data files cannot be found types of errors are often shown when the PST file is damaged. Microsoft provides the inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe) to help with this problem. However, scanpst.exe cannot repair all PST files since it has certain limitations. The biggest drawback is its inability to fix the PST of the file with 2 GB or more. Therefore, in such situations, it is highly recommended to opt for the SysTools software to repair PST file. This tool is professionally developed to help repair PST files of any size without giving any trouble.

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In this article, we have learned the possible reason why the “Outlook data file cannot be found” error is shown. Further, we also discussed how you can fix this issue using easy tips. If none of the methods work, your PST data files may be damaged. Therefore, you must try repairing them using an inbox repair tool or by going for the professional utility.

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