Kaal Bhairav Jayanti Katha: All You Need to Know

Kaal Bhairav

Kaal Bhairav Jayanti also known as Kaalashtami falls on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha in the Margashirsh month. It marks the appearance of Lord Shiva’s furious form Kaal Bhairav. He came into being to punish the evil and destroy the ones who did wrongful acts. His other names are Dandapati which literally means the one who punishes. Ardent devotees of Shiva not only worship the God on this day but also observe a fast. It is an important time of the year to seek blessings of the mighty Lord Kaal Bhairav. Performing ritualistic puja on Kaal Bhairav Jayanti removes fear and bestows courage.

Kaal Bhairav Jayanti Story

Once the Gods questioned Lord Brahma and desired to know what was the indestructible element in this entire world. They wanted to see the indestructible God whose beginning or end was unknown. Lord Brahma replied that He was the invincible among all because He is the Creator of this Universe. The Gods then asked the same question to Lord Vishnu. He said that He is the indestructible God because the world’s sustenance & preservation depends on Him. Due to the diverging answers from both the deities, the Gods called Four Vedas to find the truth.

Kaal Bhairav

The Four Vedas declared that Lord Shiva was the one whose origin is unknown, the past, present & future is contained within Him and He is invulnerable in the three worlds. As Lord Brahma heard this, He was angered and said disrespectful things about Lord Shiva. This displeased the Four Vedas and at that very moment, a pillar of gleaming light appeared. It was Lord Rudra who appeared in the form of a sacred light. Lord Brahma said that Rudra was born from His head and Rudra should serve Him. Enraged by this, Lord Shiva created Bhairav who was a ferocious avatar of Shiva Himself. He was created to keep a control over Brahma.

Kaal Bhairav Jayanti Puja

  • Wake up early on Kaal Bhairav Jayanti. Take a bath and cleanse the surroundings by sprinkling Gangajal
  • Wear black clothes on this day
  • Set up an altar for Kaal Bhairav Puja and lay a black cloth on it
  • Worship Lord Kaal Bhairav with sincere devotion
  • Offer Akshat (whole rice grains), Chandan (Sandalwood), Black Urad lentils, Black Sesame seeds and Dhatura flower to the God during puja
  • After this, offer blue flowers to the God
  • Recite the Kaal Bhairav Mantra “||Atikrur Mahakaay Kalpaant Dahnopam Bhairav Namastyubham Anudnya Daatumarhasi||”
  • Perform Kaal Bhairav Aarti to complete the puja

Things to do on Kaal Bhairav Jayanti

  • Visit your nearest Kaal Bhairav or Lord Shiva temple
  • Offer 21 Bel Patra (Bel leaves) with “Om Namah Shivaay” written on them with Sandalwood to the Shivaling
  • Feed a black dog with sweet bread to appease Lord Kaal Bhairav
  • Make offerings such as Sindoor, Mustard oil, Coconut, Chironji seeds, Grams and Jalebi (Indian sweet) to Lord Kaal Bhairav in any temple
  • One can also visit holy sites such as Kashi, Nasik, etc. to feed the Brahmins
  • It is advised to recite the Bhairav Ashtakam to please Lord Kaal Bhairav

Things to avoid on Kaal Bhairava Jayanti

  • Do not harm dogs on this day
  • Do not worship Lord Kaal Bhairav without worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
  • Do not respect the elderly people around and even your parents
  • Do not perform Kaal Bhairav puja with a negative intention of hurting others
  • Do not lie or speak badly of anyone; it may be unfavorable
Apart from the abovementioned things, it is also favorable to chant 108 names of Lord Kaal Bhairava as given below:
  1. Om Hreem Bhairavaay Namah
  2. Om Hreem Bhootnathay Namah
  3. Om Hreem Bhutaatmane Namah
  4. Om Hreem Bhu- Bhaavnaay Namah
  5. Om Hreem Kshetranyaay Namah
  6. Om Hreem Kshetrapaalay Namah
  7. Om Hreem Kshetradaay Namah
  8. Om Hreem Kshatriyaay Namah
  9. Om Hreem Viraaje Namah
  10. Om Hreem Smashaanvasine Namah
  11. Om Hreem Maansashine Namah
  12. Om Hreem Kharparashine Namah
  13. Om Hreem Smaarantkrute Namah
  14. Om Hreem Raktapaay Namah
  15. Om Hreem Paanpaay Namah
  16. Om Hreem Siddhaay Namah
  17. Om Hreem Siddhidaay Namah
  18. Om Hreem Siddhisevitaay Namah
  19. Om Hreem Kankaalaay Namah
  20. Om Hreem Kaalshamnaay Namah
  21. Om Hreem Kala- Kaashta- Tanve Namah
  22. Om Hreem Kavaye Namah
  23. Om Hreem Trinetraay Namah
  24. Om Hreem Bahunetraay Namah
  25. Om Hreem Pingallochanaay Namah
  26. Om Hreem Shulpaanaye Namah
  27. Om Hreem Khadagpaanaye Namah
  28. Om Hreem Dhumralochanaay Namah
  29. Om Hreem Abhirave Namah
  30. Om Hreem Bhairavinaathay Namah
  31. Om Hreem Bhootpaay Namah
  32. Om Hreem Yoginipataye Namah
  33. Om Hreem Dhandaay Namah
  34. Om Hreem Adhanhaarine Namah
  35. Om Hreem Dhanvate Namah
  36. Om Hreem Pratibhaagvate Namah
  37. Om Hreem Naagahaaray Namah
  38. Om Hreem Naagakeshay Namah
  39. Om Hreem Vyomkeshay Namah
  40. Om Hreem Kapaalbhrute Namah
  41. Om Hreem Kaalay Namah
  42. Om Hreem Kapaalmaaline Namah
  43. Om Hreem Kamniyaay Namah
  44. Om Hreem Kalaanidhaye Namah
  45. Om Hreem Trilochanaay Namah
  46. Om Hreem Jwalnnetraya Namah
  47. Om Hreem Trishikhine Namah
  48. Om Hreem Trilokbhrute Namah
  49. Om Hreem Trivrutta- Tanyaay Namah
  50. Om Hreem Dimbhaay Namah
  51. Om Hreem Shaantay Namah
  52. Om Hreem Shaant- Jan- Priyaay Namah
  53. Om Hreem Batukaay Namah
  54. Om Hreem Batuveshaay Namah
  55. Om Hreem Khatvaang- Var- Dhaarkay Namah
  56. Om Hreem Bhootadhyaksh Namah
  57. Om Hreem Pashupataye Namah
  58. Om Hreem Bhikshukaay Namah
  59. Om Hreem Parichaarkaay Namah
  60. Om Hreem Dhurtaay Namah
  61. Om Hreem Digambaray Namah
  62. Om Hreem Shaurye Namah
  63. Om Hreem Harinaay Namah
  64. Om Hreem Pandulochanaya Namah
  65. Om Hreem Prashantaya Namah
  66. Om Hreem Shaantiday Namah
  67. Om Hreem Shuddhaya Namah
  68. Om Hreem Shankarpriya Baandhvaya Namah
  69. Om Hreem Ashtamurtaye Namah
  70. Om Hreem Nidhishaay Namah
  71. Om Hreem Dnyaanchakshushe Namah
  72. Om Hreem Tapomayaay Namah
  73. Om Hreem Ashtadhaaray Namah
  74. Om Hreem Shadadhaaray Namah
  75. Om Hreem Sarpayuktaya Namah
  76. Om Hreem Shikhisakhaya Namah
  77. Om Hreem Bhudharaya Namah
  78. Om Hreem Bhudharadhishaya Namah
  79. Om Hreem Bhupataye Namah
  80. Om Hreem Bhudharatmajaya Namah
  81. Om Hreem Kapaaldharine Namah
  82. Om Hreem Mundine Namah
  83. Om Hreem Naag- Yadnopavit- Vate Namah
  84. Om Hreem Jrumbhanaay Namah
  85. Om Hreem Mohanaay Namah
  86. Om Hreem Stambhine Namah
  87. Om Hreem Maarnaya Namah
  88. Om Hreem Kshobhanaya Namah
  89. Om Hreem Shuddh- Nilanjan- Prakhya- Dehaay Namah
  90. Om Hreem Mundavibhushanaya Namah
  91. Om Hreem Balibhuje Namah
  92. Om Hreem Balibhunganathaya Namah
  93. Om Hreem Baalaya Namah
  94. Om Hreem Baalaparakramaya Namah
  95. Om Hreem Sarvapat- Taaranaya Namah
  96. Om Hreem Durgaay Namah
  97. Om Hreem Dusht- Bhut- Nishevitaya Namah
  98. Om Hreem Kaamine Namah
  99. Om Hreem Kala- Nidhaye Namah
  100. Om Hreem Kaantaya Namah
  101. Om Hreem Kamini- Vash- Krud- Vashine Namah
  102. Om Hreem Jagad- Raksha- Karaay Namah
  103. Om Hreem Anantaya Namah
  104. Om Hreem Maya- Mantraushadhi- Mayaay Namah
  105. Om Hreem Sarvasiddhi Pradaay Namah
  106. Om Hreem Vaidyaay Namah
  107. Om Hreem Prabhavishnave Namah
  108. Om Hreem Vishnave Namah

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