Learn About Gospel Of Saint Mark By French Volunteer

Gospel of Saint Mark by a young French volunteer

Pope Francis traveled to Assisi to meet 500 poor people in the city of Saint Francis. “We were with him, and he was there for us,” they testify at the end of an emotional morning.
“Poor people, you will always have them with you, and, when you want, you can do them good.” In the large basilica of Sainte-Marie-des-Anges, the slow and calm reading of the text of the Gospel of Saint Mark by a young French volunteer from “La Maison des plus grips the hearts of many. Just behind her, a small, severely disabled child whose hand can be seen looking for that of the reader, her companion. A close-up camera films these two hands caressing each other and which can be seen appearing on the screens installed in the basilica. Next to it is a collected Pope Francis.

Tears of joy. There are many of them this morning in Assisi, on the occasion of the coming of Pope Francis, ahead of the World Day of the Poor, which will be celebrated on November 14. From all over Europe, they arrived in the city of Poverello. Some have spent 24 hours on their bu, But everyone keeps smiling. No way to complain when you have a meeting with the Pope.

The atmosphere in the Franciscan city

At 7 am this morning, they are already there, on the forecourt of the great basilica, forming a guard of honor. The atmosphere is festive while waiting for the Pope – who will not arrive until around 9:30 am. Children in wheelchairs are having fun. The “Fratelli” – the name given by the Fratello association to vulnerable people – wait patiently in the morning freshness of the city of Umbria.

We recall here and there the previous events with the Pope. “I come to wake up my last meeting with the Pope in 2016″, breathes Louis, 54, who, after Fratello’s previous pilgrimage to Rome, has found work. Coming here is light after a difficult year,” says Aloïs, 65, suffering from a severe illness in his youth which he continues to suffer the consequences forty years later. This Swiss resident in Leysin lost his father in February. “I’ve been waiting for this moment in Assisi for a long time,” he adds.

“It is said that when there are two or three to pray to God, he is in our midst … With Fratello, it’s communion, we have tears in our eyes”, abounds Véronique, who came with the Parisian group of the Friendship Association (APA).

An intimate meeting

The Pope finally arrives, and the atmosphere is heating up again. Slowly, he goes up the long alley made of “Fratelli,” greeting them abundantly, listening to them, blessing the blanket of Tristan, a disabled child. “It’s a very astonishing atmosphere, almost intimate,” murmurs Alix Montagne, the co-founder of the Fratello association, moved to see the Pope of the poor meet the poor in Assisi.

Then the Argentine pontiff goes to the heart of the basilica, which houses the Portiuncula, this small chapel that Saint Francis of Assisi had restored and where he welcomed the poor. There, vulnerable people or people in mission with the poor testify about their experiences, still shedding tears.

Poignant testimonies

This is the case for Gabriel, a member of Fratello, who experienced “the despair and abandonment of this world.” “My crossing of the desert was an opportunity for me to realize the love of God,” explains this Parisian who recently asked, at the age of sixty, for baptism.

All your sufferings have not prevented you from looking with grateful eyes. The little things that have kept you going.
These are also the case when an Italian of Romanian origin recounts her ordeal after the death of her husband.  The onset of an illness that condemned her to live in an armchair. These are again the case when hearing the testimony of a young Afghan woman. Who says that if her body is in Italy. Her spirit has remained in a country today in the hands of the Taliban.

In his address, Pope Francis thanks the courage and sincerity of these witnesses. All your sufferings have not prevented you from looking with eyes full of gratitude. The little things which have enabled you to hold out the notes.

Vocabulary for kids

I didn’t understand what the Pope told us because everything was in Italian. Concedes André fifty-something who lived eight years in the street. I felt a strong emotion. We were with him, and he was there for us. This cannot be explained really”, confides the man with the “dented” course. André’s hand grips very tightly a tiny cross. That would be worth all the gold in the world It is the cross that I received on October 17. The day I officially entered the Church my path to baptism.


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