Learn from Squid Game, Debt Free Without Bleeding

Squid Game is a Korean drama that is arguably not as usual. Korean dramas are generally synonymous with stories that are always romantic and sweet, but Squid Game carries a more tense and dark theme. Although considered ‘sadistic’ for some people, but actually there are many lessons that we can learn from this series, especially from the financial side.

Squid Game Storyline

Squid Game tells the story of 456 players who have to face death to complete 6 types of South Korean childhood games. These include Red Lights, Green Lights, Cutting Dalgona Shapes, Tug of Mine, Dangerous Jumping Ropes, Playing Marbles and his signature game which is the title of this series, the Squid Game.

The Squid Game involves participants competing to be the last person standing, in gruesome stages of the game for a total of  45.6 billion won (approximately 550 billion rupiah).

This total money is obtained and accumulated if one by one the participants fall. Participants who fall are rewarded with 100 million won. If the game is stopped by the majority of participants, the money that has been collected in the middle of the game will be given to the family or successor of the fallen participant.

However, if there is one participant who succeeds in challenging death and comes out the winner, then he is the one who is entitled to the total money of 45.6 billion won.

So, why are people desperate to participate in this deadly game? Nothing but debt! All the participants in the Squid Game are those who want to find a way out of a tight debt or bankruptcy.

Yes, although the Squid Game story is fiction, debt and debt are something that is very common in the wider community. The Squid Game also shows the existence of social inequality and economic problems that also occur in developed countries, such as South Korea.

Now, while we enjoy the tense Squid Game, it’s better if we take the moral message from the film, especially about good financial management so that we don’t get entangled with debt problems.


Learn to Manage Finances from Squid Game Characters

Luckily, we live in the real world and don’t have to follow a deadly game like the Squid Game to ensure the well-being of a decent life. Let’s see one by one the ways you can manage your finances in an easy and fun way.

1. Achieve Financial Freedom Mindfully

Although not parennials , the two main characters in Squid Game, Gi Hun and Sang Woo, have a big financial burden. This financial burden is caused by circumstances and lack of knowledge of good money management.

Sang Woo, who is intelligent and proud of by those around him, turns out to have the heart to embezzle money from his clients, so he is in danger of losing his assets. This includes his mother’s shop at the fish market. Sang Woo’s ambition to become successful and rich comes at the cost of his mental health and well-being. This trait can also be seen from his dirty way to get to the final round of the game.

We must have heard many stories about people who went into debt for a lifestyle and competed for prosperity. This pressure creates demands on ourselves so that we can multiply our money even more. Although achieving a higher level of equality is fine, don’t bother yourself until you have to borrow money or even take something that doesn’t belong to us.

Do not also cover the debt with new debt. Because this will cause new problems that will not be resolved.

Use the concept of mindfulness to Play Free Squid games online for true financial freedom. Think that we don’t have to have a lot of money. The more we have a strong ambition to earn more money, the more it will give birth to unhealthy attachments between ourselves and money. Enjoy what you have now, instead of having to hang around just to show off your lifestyle to people.


2. Education About Financial Responsibility is Important

One of the shortcomings of the previous generation is that it spoils the next generation too much. This habit will make the next generation feel entitled to have what they want without trying hard.

At the beginning of the episode, Gi Hun has a character like this. At the beginning of the story, he is described as a cheerful person, big-hearted but often runs away from responsibility for his own life.

Gi Hun still lives as a burden to his parents. He has so much debt that he has to deal with a ruthless group of debt collectors. This also prevents him from having a healthy relationship with his only child, who now lives with his biological mother and stepfather.

In this case, education plays an important role in instilling awareness in the people closest to them. You can start this by instilling discipline in your children. Avoid pampering by giving excessive money, just so that the child does what we want.

Invite your child to help with daily chores that he or she can easily do before you give them gifts or money. If children tend to be emotional and unruly when sulking, know that children’s emotions are a reflection of our hearts. If we are then provoked and make us overreact or even follow the wishes of our children, then we cannot instill the value of discipline in children.

Not only for children, but we can also invite other closest people to understand the value of money.


3. Wisely looking for investment or loan

Squid Game participants seek loans or invest unwisely, so they too have to bear the risk of being chased by moneylenders and entering into dangerous games.

Learning from them, it is important for us to be able to learn to manage risk well, that every loan and debt will have accompanying consequences. Thus, you have shown that understanding of financial responsibility for yourself. These qualities will make you a good example in family and friendship circles.

Make sure you are not tempted to take illegal online loans . If you have to borrow some money, make sure you have a complete repayment scheme, so you can settle the debt to completion, so that no party is harmed.


In addition to saving, you can also choose insurance as a good means to ensure welfare for you and your family, now and in the future. Especially if you are the breadwinner of the family, then you have to protect yourself from financial risks that can be fatal for people whose lives depend on you. Yes, life insurance.

If you are looking for insurance that includes life insurance that includes terminal illness , including the development of funds from investment, you can choose to Play Squid Games online free . You can also buy additional insurance (rider) to be included in your basic insurance

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