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Learn10 DIY Tips For Tricky Situations


 Learn 10 DIY Tips For Tricky Situations

You are not born a handyman; It is something that you learned over time. But you don’t have to have the MacGyver gene to be able to do small jobs yourself. With these10 DIY Tips For Tricky Situations, you’ll feel like you’re a real pro at keeping things in order or mastering tricky situations. Here you will find the best tips to excel at DIY.

  1. Organize the drawers

It is possible to store screws, wall plugs, and the like in an orderly and permanent way! Just clean several yogurt pots of the same size and glue them together. So you have the perfect storage system, and the chaos in the drawer is a thing of the past!

  1. Draw circles

Whether it’s crafts or crafts: drawing a circle is a real challenge. But with pliers, wire, and a cordless drill, outlining a process is a snap. Use the pliers to bend the wire at one end so you can attach a pencil to it.

Then bend the other end so that you can secure it in the cordless drill while the pointed end is still sticking out.

By bending the wire in the middle, you can now determine the diameter of the circle. Put down the cordless drill using the pointed end of the wire and start it; you will have drawn the perfect ring.

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  1. Storage bucket

Due to their size, buckets are ideal for storing long tools like screwdrivers, spatulas, and the like, but unfortunately, this often ends in chaos in the bucket. So, This is not the case if you drill holes in the cover and provide it with slits, as this will allow you to store long tools in an orderly fashion.

  1. Strip a cable

When laying cables, we necessarily need to strip some of them. However, cutting the cable sheath is a delicate operation, as you must not damage the sensitive cable harnesses underneath. The easiest way to cut the sheath of a cable is to use a clothespin: remove the tiny blade of a pencil sharpener with a screwdriver and screw it onto a clothespin. Now the cable jacket can be easily cut by turning the pliers.

  1. Clean cut

Sawing wood without being bothered by a jagged edge afterward? It’s possible! Just wrap the area to be sawed with masking tape, and you will.

  1. Fix the screws on the bit

This DIY trick is sure to please, as it keeps screws from constantly slipping out of the screwdriver bit. Just attach a small magnet to the bit to keep the screw in place.

  1. Nuts too tight

Often the nuts also cannot be loosened with the most outstanding effort. Before you start sweating the next time, put another wrench on the one that’s already attached to the nut. By increasing the leverage, you can loosen even the tightest nut.

  1. Drill a hole

When drilling wood, the hole is often frayed on the side where the bit exits. However, this unattractive result can avoid. Just place another piece of wood under the one you want to drill. Then carefully plug the first piece of wood, then directly the second. This way, you prevent the wood from splitting because the bit does not suddenly come out of the wood but goes straight into the next one.

  1. Open a paint bucket

Dried paint residue often makes it impossible to open the paint bucket lid. Next time, just put cling film on the bucket and close it so that you can reopen it later without any problem.

  1. Attach the bubble level

Drawing a straight line on a wall with a spirit level can become a real test of endurance. To prevent the spirit level from constantly slipping, stretch rubber bands on its ends.DIY is all the rage! With these 10 DIY tips, you’ll have even more fun building and crafting from now on!


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