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We use the “near” search term to find a business or service. Sometimes, results are found all across the country. Today, however, we hope that you are looking for a Junkyard in or nearby Broward County.

Broward County, Florida: Buy Used Parts

It’s so easy to shop online in today’s rapidly changing world. However, we recognize that some customers still prefer to go to a physical shop to get help. Gardner Auto Parts has been servicing customers in the region for more than 50 years. We offer online shipping and shopping but we are always available to assist you personally! You can order online 24 hours a day.

Our junkyard and store are located at Powerline Road, 2090 NW 21st Street in Pompano Beach (Florida), just a short drive from Copan’s Road.

Local Salvage Yard, Pompano Beach FL

We aren’t your typical Pull-A-Piece junkyard. We take out every part that we sell so you don’t have the hassle of removing it yourself. Every part we sell is cleaned and inspected before being sold.

Used replacement parts for European and Japanese autos

We carry parts for many popular import brands like Nissan, Honda Lexus Mazda, Lexus Lexus, Lexus, Lexus, Lexus, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, and Mercedes. Recycled parts, engines, and transmissions for late model import cars and trucks, minivans, SUVs, and SUVs are all available in our inventory. All parts sold come with our Hassle-Free Warranty.

You don’t see what you need? Give us a call to help you with your parts searches.

Recycled Motors For Import & Export Vehicles

It doesn’t take a lot to replace a car engine. One of our used engines and parts can get you back on your way. Gardner Auto Parts provides affordable prices on used engines for Japanese and European late model cars. truck, van or SUV.

Get OEM parts for sale

Many car parts that we offer for sale at our junkyard are OEM. This means the part is made and installed by its original manufacturer, so it will fit perfectly. You won’t have to replace your equipment with OEM parts if there is a recall.

Trusted Junkyard & Used Auto Parts Store South Florida

Local businesses are more likely to prosper if you shop at them. Gardner Auto Parts is a family-owned business that has served Broward County for more than 50 years. We have helped people in the area maintain and repair their foreign and import vehicles. We remained open throughout COVID as an important business and will continue to be your trusted used auto parts supplier for many more years.

Important Tools for DIY Car Repairs

Do-it-yourself videos like Tic Tok and YouTube are gaining popularity and vehicle owners are starting to fix their own cars. Small repairs are often avoided by many people due to a lack of tools or inexperience. Here are some of the essential tools you need to maintain or repair Buy Used Parts of your vehicle. We also highlight what you need in case of an emergency.

You can keep the following tools in your car for emergencies

Many people don’t have the basic things in their Buy Used Parts for car. What happens if your battery runs out or your tires get flat? Are you able to pay for a service that comes to your location and gets you on the road again? Do you feel confident that someone will be available to help you? If you’re not sure what the answers are, ensure you have these items in your vehicle toolbox.

  • Jumper cables
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Socket & screwdriver set
  • Duct tape
  • Tow strap
  • Flashlight
  • Can of Fix-a-Flat
  • Lug wrench & Jack
  • First aid kit

Why it’s important to keep your tools handy

Google and YouTube will now be available to everyone who has a smartphone. Just a few seconds is all it takes to search for a “How To” video for almost any type of repair. It is possible to fix any problem with your vehicle if you have some basic tools. There are easy fixes for even the most inept car owners.

Hand Wrench Set

A set of wrenches with sizes ranging from 10mm to 12mm is a good idea. This set should cover most nuts, bolts, and screws you’ll encounter on your car, truck, van, or SUV. These can be used for simple repairs or maintenance.

Tire Pressure Gauge

We’ve already spoken of tire pressure gauges but this is by far the easiest way to check your tires. A pressure gauge is inexpensive, and some tire centers or repair shops may even offer one for no cost. Check your Buy Used Parts and tire pressure at least once a month in order to maintain proper pressure. Inflating the right amount will increase the life of your tires, as well as allow you to detect leaks and wear before it becomes costly or dangerous.

Digital Code Reader

A check quality used transmission and engine light is one of the most frustrating things that can happen when you start your vehicle or as you drive. You no longer need to worry about the possible problems with your car if your code reader is available. Simply plug it into the vehicle’s diagnostic port to get rid of all the mystery and guesswork. You might see an error code indicating that your vehicle needs an oil change, or that your vehicle requires a repair that can be done with your own tools.

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