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Make your work delicious: Become a DoorDasher

What do you do when you have midnight cravings? Of course, you open the fridge and grab a bite of something remaining from your lunch meal. But what if you don’t want to have the leftovers and want to have a Banana Cream Waffle instead? You will not go in the kitchen to make waffles for obvious reasons. This is where food delivery services like DoorDash come into play. Become a Doordash delivery driver with

This decade, the food delivery industry has grown exponentially as technology and cultural trends made food delivery an everyday option. Having said that, ever wondered how it’s like to be on the other side of that delivery? What’s it like to work as a DoorDash driver? To be one of those folks who deliver your food and then disappears into the night? 

Read on to know why you should consider working as a DoorDasher and make your passion into a profession.

A Dasher can choose his hours

Flexible working hours are what makes food delivery services so attractive. There are no set hours you must meet- make it full-time or part-time or temporary, it’s up to you. DoorDash also offers two distinct options to create your own schedules including:

  • DoorDash Now- This option allows a Dasher to go online and start accepting orders at any time.
  • DoorDash Schedule- This option allows a Dasher to choose his suitable window to work through the DoorDash app. The Dasher needs to be online during those hours.

DoorDash Schedule can give the Dasher an opportunity to receive more orders, which could lead to higher earnings as well.

DoorDasher have the freedom to work anywhere

A Dasher is free to deliver in either his home city or one that he is visiting during work hours. Easy onboarding & sign-Up on the DoorDash app. There are few initial restrictions to becoming a Dasher. All you need is a wagon to drive, a compatible smartphone, and you’re ready to start your DoorDash career.

A Dasher can start immediately

To become a DoorDash Driver, the company has a mandatory background check to ensure both customer and employee safety. Once you clear the background check and complete a mandatory online orientation, a Dasher is free to join the company and start making lucrative income from one of the best side hustles.

Transparent pay for a Dasher

DoorDash’s transparent and straightforward payment structure lets the delivery driver know how much he is going to make on the order even before he accepts it. A DoorDash delivery driver is also allowed to keep 100% of his tips every single time he completes a delivery.

Weekly payment to Dasher’s account

A delivery driver is paid on a weekly basis for all the deliveries they make from Monday to Sunday of the previous week. Payments are made directly to the Dashers’ account through direct deposit. The dasher is can also see his net earnings on the DoorDash app as well. Apply for Delivery driver jobs at Doordash.

Being a DoorDasher, the company offers daily deposit offers as well. Fast pay allows the dasher the ability to cash out their earnings daily for a small fee of $1.99. This means that a DoorDasher can receive their earnings on demand through DoorDash, rather than waiting for their weekly direct deposit or using a third-party service.

How to become a top Dasher?

Now that you know all the benefits of becoming a DoorDash delivery driver, you should also know how to become a top dasher in order to make a big chunk of money back home.

For becoming a top dasher, you need to qualify:

  • 4.70-star rating
  • 95% completion rate
  • 70% acceptance rate
  • 100 deliveries completed last month
  • 200-lifetime deliveries

It’s a statistics-based award and is awarded on a monthly basis to the top dasher. So, a delivery driver needs to maintain that criterion for a month to retain the Top Dasher status.

Final Takeaway

If you want to earn a good amount of passive income for doing something pretty easy, DoorDashing might be the perfect little side gig! It’s free to sign up! Download the DoorDash app to sign up now and join the fastest-growing gig economies.

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