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Marketing Tools to Boost Your Engagement in 2021

Let’s say you work in social media marketing to promote your business and attract customers who are interested in your products and services. But you don’t have a good social media management tool. If this is your case, it is necessary to say that you are working with one hand tied. And it’s no exaggeration to say so. But even a teenager who posts selfies and photos of their day to day could have better results.

Sure, boosting your account with Buy real Cheap Instagram Followers UK is an excellent alternative. But you will still need to incorporate the correct tools into your work process if you want to get the most out of your brand’s presence on social media. In addition to giving you information about the tools you need. We also offer you advice and services at your disposal to efficiently execute your strategies and keep up with marketing trends.

That said, we will talk about the tools that every marketer should know for their strategies in social networks.


Boomerang is an application derived from Instagram with which you can record entertaining and funny mini-videos. Its operation is quite simple: it takes 10 photos in sequence and plays them from beginning to end and vice versa several times. Just like gifs are reproduced.

Metastasize Photo Editor + Video

This application is available in the App Store and the Play Store for iOS and Android devices respectively. It is quite simple to use and has a wide variety of functions with which you can edit your photos and videos. Including: brightness, hue, temperature, focus, saturation, contrast, highlights and shadows. If you don’t know too much about these settings or don’t have time to apply them, you can choose from the 130 professional filters that the application has.

Icon square

With this tool you can measure how your strategies are working in relation to your competition. The application allows you to measure the performance of your hash tags. As well as schedule posts so that you never miss a post.

Social Rank Instagram

With Social Rank you can segment your Instagram audience according to different criteria. Its functions include the possibility of segmenting according to the device used by your followers. Keywords, hashtags, location and different demographic data. You can even categorize your followers according to the level of engagement or any other parameter.


This application has earned a good reputation in the world of digital marketing thanks to the usefulness of its functions for managing and scheduling social media posts from multiple accounts simultaneously. In one of its most recent updates. Buffer included the ability to add multiple team members with different publishing permissions as required.

Re post Instagram

With Re post you can easily share content from your followers or accounts of interest. You can select the photos or videos you want to share. Copy the link and go to Re post to create a publication in which you will give credits to the creator quickly and easily. Re post is a good way to strengthen the bond with your followers.


VSCO is a platform similar to Instagram in some ways, but its editing capabilities can help you take your photos to the next level. The application allows you to create custom filters according to different settings. Using VSCO to create an attractive aesthetic will help you stand out on Instagram.

Knowing Instagram Video Tool

This tool is aimed at creators of videos for Instagram and has gained a lot of popularity thanks to the functions it has, among which the following stand out:

Video resizing for Instagram posts and stories without losing quality.

  • Subtitle creator.
  • Video meme creator.
  • Custom watermark.
  • Sound effects and stop motion.
  • Video cropping.

Something that is worth noting is that this tool is free and you can use it without having to download any program on your mobile or computer.

Crow fire

It’s a powerful follower management tool. You can take advantage of Crow fire’s features to identify which of your followers are not following you, which are inactive accounts. And then decide whether to continue following them. In addition, the application makes user recommendations taking into account your usage habits within the platform. It even shows you users who may be interested in your content and allows you to monitor the receptivity of your followers to your content.


This tool is especially useful if you have a store, as it allows your followers to buy your products directly from your posts in the comments section. Its operation consists of creating a unique hash tag for each product. To which it will then add a 3-digit code that your followers can write in the comments to buy the corresponding product.


This tool allows you to create pages where your followers can buy your products directly from your Instagram profile. The function of Have2HaveIt is to show your products in your feed to your potential followers, giving the option to buy them and redirect them to your e-commerce page.


Kicksta works by interacting with followers of similar accounts and competition to attract their attention and turn these interactions into organic conversions, whether you measure it through likes, comments, follow-ups or purchases of your products. The tool has been successful with more than 10,000 brand, creator and agency accounts.

Social Insight Instagram

Social Insight has quickly become one of the tools with the most potential for digital marketing through social networks. Thanks to the information, analysis and statistics that it can offer for each account. Whether you manage only your business account or you are a Social Media Manager dedicated to several accounts. Social Insight will allow you to connect them and make comparisons. One of the functions that stand out the most is that it offers engagement metrics and specifies the best times to publish.

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It is clear that when it comes to marketing in social networks, in addition to knowledge. It is necessary to have the appropriate tools so that each of the strategies you apply is executed correctly and avoid some errors. Try the tools we just mentioned and you will see how your account engagement will start to grow as you optimize your posts. Also, keep an eye on our blog posts, where you will find various tips and useful information to get the best results on your social channels.

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