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Migrate All Kerio Mailboxes to Any Cloud Services in Batch

You might be interested in learning how to migrate all Kerio mailboxes to cloud platform in a batch. If you answered yes, then this is the most trustworthy guide for you. You will receive a comprehensive response here.

A large number of people are shifting from one platform to another these days. Recently, we’ve witnessed an increase in the number of requests from users who want to transfer their Kerio mailboxes to a cloud-based platform of their choosing.

When a user requires email migration, the cause for this might be anything. We make every effort to cover all of the issues and present our users with the most appropriate answer. As a result, in today’s post, we will offer you with the ideal answer that will benefit you in every way.

Way to migrate all Kerio mailboxes to cloud-based platform?

First and foremost, if you are seeking for any manual techniques to do this work, please cease your quest. There are currently no manual processes available that assist the migration of Kerio data to a cloud-based platform of choice. It is the sole choice to make use of any type of professional program.

We would like to recommend that you download and utilize one of the most amazing and Best Kerio Converter Software available on the market. This application is capable of responding to any form of user enquiry. It has the capability of migrating both single and multiple Kerio mailboxes at the same time. Additionally, the tool supports the migration of Kerio emails and all of their attachments.

Take a look at the simple and painless procedure of migrating Kerio emails

  • First, download this software on your Windows-based application.
  • Now, this application will provide you dual mode such as Select Files or Select Folder to load your Kerio mailboxes.
  • Once you select your files / folders, they will be loaded on the left panel. Now, check the folders you need to migrate.
  • Now, click on Convert and choose any cloud based application such as Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo,, Office 365 and more.
  • Finally, enter the credentials of your Kerio mail account and click on Convert button to begin the conversion.

The software starts migrating all Kerio mailboxes to selected cloud account. This process will only take a few moments.

Once you get the migration process, login to your account and check the output.

Migrate your mailboxes from configured Kerio account

Because it has so many functions, it is the most fantastic application on the market. The program enables you to move data from your configured Kerio account to another location. The utility will prompt you to “choose data from the specified Kerio profile” after the software has been launched.

Top amazing feature list of the suggested application

  • While migrating all Kerio mailboxes to cloud app, this software maintains all the properties.
  • Migrate data from multiple Kerio connect accounts at once to save the time.
  • Also, supports to migrate selected Kerio mailboxes to any cloud-based email service.
  • The tool supports to migrate Kerio emails to cloud application along with all the attachments.
  • Also, this professional software has a very simple, safe, and easy-to-use user interface.
  • This software is available for download, installation, and use on all versions of the Windows operating system.
  • You can move an unlimited amount of mailbox data from your Kerio Connect account with this application.

It is now time to bring this post to a close

In today’s post, we have described the best and complete process to migrate all Kerio mailboxes to cloud service. Using the suggested solution, one can easily resolve Kerio migration query in some easy steps.

If you need any type of suggestions, please let us know by email.

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