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Mobile App Designing: Top 5 Tools to Look For!

Mobile app designing is the crucial phase in the overall mobile app development process. Your design is something that helps a user decide whether to give an application a try or not. That’s why a mobile application development company always looks for the best tools to deliver a robust application with an interactive UI design.

Since every app development project is different from another in various aspects, such as features and functionalities, type of application, specific business needs, etc., you should choose the app designing tools accordingly. Several other factors, such as the experience of the designers, given budget and time, etc., affect the design as well.

However, be it an experienced app designer or a newbie, everyone needs specific tools to design an app to fulfil the specified requirements. This article will talk about the best mobile UI tools that significant sections of the designers prefer. So, let’s get started!

Five Best Tools Every Designer Consider for UI Designing

The user interface makes a user think about whether to stay or leave an app, irrespective of the features it offers. Due to this reason, the central focus of the app developers relies on delivering an efficient mobile app UI design.

App Designing tools help create innovative and highly engaging app UI designs. Here are some prominent tools that most app designing experts prefer to develop and improve their app UI designs.


MockPlus is undoubtedly one of the finest prototyping tools available in the market. The best thing about this tool is that it does not require any specific coding language from the app designers. Due to this, they can easily create interactive elements with an easy drag and drop option.

The tool consists of over 3000 UI icons and 200 components that you can efficiently utilize to develop apps for different platforms. Another best thing about MockPlus is that it offers users an option to preview various app prototypes on different devices.


  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Robust team support
  • Extensive elements and icons


Sketch is another expert-recommended app designing tool. It is somewhat similar to Photoshop; however, Sketch is primarily used to design apps’ user interfaces, that is, for UI/UX design. It is a professional tool, and using it correctly can do wonders for your app design.

Some of the fascinating things you can do with this tool include infinite zooming, multiple resolution compatibility, styled vector shapes, etc. Apart from this, you can also export all files in various formats, such as PNG, JPG and PDF, using the ‘Export All’ option.


  • Easy to learn and access
  • Custom plug-in support
  • Cost-effective and time-saving


Axure is a wireframing tool that ensures users do not need to type even a single line of code when developing mobile apps or websites. It also consists of various documentation tools that you can use while documenting the layouts and choosing app designs.

The tool comes in two choices: you can go with the Standard Model or the Pro edition. The Pro version of Axure offers some extra features that include advanced prototyping solutions and additional documentation elements.


  • Time saver
  • Robust functionality
  • Easily adaptive


Do you need a tool that can help you with both designing and prototyping? If yes, then Marvel can be the perfect tool for you. You can easily synchronize your app designs with cloud storage with Marvel, just like what Sketch does.

The tool is a combination of three elements: design, prototype and team collaboration. Marvel is also an excellent tool if you want to create advanced-level animations.


  • Easy to understand
  • It consists of many export options
  • Keep files synchronized


Zeplin gives you the freedom to go far beyond the conventional principles of designing and developing an app. With Zeplin, you can also directly upload a visual design or prototype from other app designing tools.

Zeplin is beneficial for both small and large-scale app development projects and acts as a bridge between the designing and development teams to deliver efficient results. 


  • Auto-generated code-snippets based on the design
  • Easily collaborative with other designing and development tools
  • Simple and easy prototyping

Wrapping Up

Mobile app designing is an integral part of the app development process that can make or break the success of the mobile application. This is the reason mobile app designing tools play a significant role in constructing an interactive UI design. However, designing is not just creating an interface or a graphical screen for your users. In fact, it consists of many other processes, like sketching, wireframing, prototyping, etc. For all these tasks, a mobile app development agency needs specific tools that perform specialized functions required by the businesses. That’s why knowing about app designing tools becomes equally important for making an app UI design successful.

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