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Move Gmail Folder to Another Account With Complete Properties

Do you wish to move Gmail folder to another account?

If so, we have a question for you: which account do you want to move Gmail folders to: another Gmail account or a completely new account?

However, we must also inform you that it makes no difference which email account you have already chosen because we have a solution that allows you to move Gmail account data to any of the available accounts.

So, if you want to discover what that final strategy is; and how it will assist you in completing your assignment, come along with us.

An All-in-one Way to Move Gmail Folder to Another Account

The Gmail backup Tool is a way that supports all IMAP compatible accounts and allows you to move your Gmail data to them. It is your all-in-one solution for an easier and more reliable data moving trip. This technique is very efficient and enables you to move all account folders at the same time.

Yes, you can move Gmail folder to another account in bulk and in a few simple steps. Yes, in a matter of minutes; don’t you trust us? Check it out for yourself.

Check out The Steps to Migrate Folders from Gmail to Another Account

  • Download the suggested approach on your device. Once done; Install and then launch it.
  • Click on the Open tab visible in the menu bar and then select Add Account from the options.
  • Provide your Gmail email address and password to the tool. Then click the Add button.
  • Now all of your folders associated with selected Gmail account will be loaded.
  • Now click on the Export tab visible on the menu bar and then select IMAP from the list.
  • Enter your account’s email address and password. Then click the Save button.

Now, whatever account you select, whether Gmail or another, the Gmail folders will be moved to them. You will be contacted once they have been relocated. Your task has now been completed.

See how simple it is to move Gmail folder to another account now that the advised method, Gmail folders migrator, is available. Now, we recommend that you go over some of the primary functions to learn more about it. So, take a look at these.

Reasons Why Our Suggested Approach Is Ideal for You

  • You can add as many Gmail accounts as you like to move folders to another account.
  • It allows you to choose which folders to move and which not to move by allowing you to choose and deselect them.
  • Allows you to move Gmail folder to another account. In batches, whether it’s Gmail or another account.
  • It can also migrate all associated attributes like as attachments, contacts, and so on.
  • Before migrating emails, attachments, and other attributes, you can preview them.
  • You may also read all of your Gmail emails in hexadecimal, raw, and headers mode.
  • This method allows you to append all of your emails’ email headers before importing them.
  • You can name the backup folders so that you can simply find them once they’ve been relocated.

In Conclusion

It is now possible to move Gmail folder to another account while keeping all associated attachments. It is also possible to complete it in a few simple steps. This is now achievable thanks to the strategy we suggested. It is all-in-one and allows you to transfer all of your folders at once. So, if you want an easier, more convenient, and shorter data migrating journey, follow our advice.


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