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Must-Read Books for Web Developers in 2022

The answer to the quation is, “To develop and Program Software is such an easy task to accomplish?” Hey, Hey, Don’t get angry! I know that it is not easy to develop or programme an application. Web developers sometimes get exhausted and need the right guiding companion.

Have you heard that famous quote, “Take a good book to bed with you—books do not snore”?

So here I have brought some Ebooks in front of you, which will help the developers to develop their programming skills and gather some knowledge about running an IT firm.

This article will mention some of the books that would make the development task easy. They do cover a wide variety of topics; the following are the most predominant among them all:

  • Workflow Advice
  • Easy Hacks to Nitty-Gritty Code

Did you know? 

Kinex Media surveyed the web developers who are grabbing 12 Lacs Per Annum. The topic of the survey was – ‘Whether the highly paid web developers have read any of these books?”

To our surprise, each of them has read more than two books from the following list.

We can indeed consider it one of the reasons that they are taking more than 12 Lac Per Annum Salary Package and the benefits.

So if you want to become a highly paid developer or elevate turnover triggering business, the following books are a must to read.

‘An Introduction to Software Engineering & Fault Tolerance’

Authors: Henry Muccini, Patrizio Pelliccione and Nicolas Guelfi

It provides an overview of the approach to software engineering and the implementation of fault tolerance in the software development process. Whether a beginner or an experienced development professional, this book has something to teach not only web developers but you all.

See the list of the main topics that are incorporated in the book:

  • Software Development & Engineering Techniques
  • Fault Tolerance

Software For Data Analysis Programming With-R Book

Author: John M. Chambers

You are going to love this book if you are:

  • Relying on R as your primary language to learn data analysis, you’ll find this book worth reading.
  • Just a beginner, do not worry; you will get the right direction for your future endeavours.
  • A vastly experienced professional, you will learn a lot about advanced learning. It guides you through the next level of the R language. You’ll get a thorough understanding of the following:
    • Data Visualization
    • Numerical Methods
    • Use of Text Data

How To Become A Programmer

Author: Rob Wailing

The book’s title is apt to give you a complete understanding of what the book is all about. This book must be in your ‘First Read List’ if you are still trying to decide whether the programming is for you or not. Would you believe this book has the power to influence the readers of the non-technical background to push their passion of ‘Doing Something’ in the web development field?

Note: You won’t find it as a deep ebook. Here in this book, you’ll get complete information about:

  • Where To Start?
  • How to Gain Experience?

Back To Basics: Hype-Free Principles For Software Developers

Author: Jason Gorman

In this book, the author attempts to reintroduce several of what he believes are fundamental principles of software development by cutting through a large amount of the hype and marketing hype prevalent in the software industry.

The following topics are discussed below:

  • Testable Goals
  • Automating Donkey Work

Don’t Just Roll The Dice

Author: Neil Davidson

This book tells the efficient way to sell the developed software, one of the crucial aspects. There is no point in developing software if you do not know how to sell it. This ebook focus on all of the following:

  • Economics
  • Pricing Psychology
  • Pricing Perception

Open Data Structures (In Java)

Author: Pat Morin

I was particularly impressed with the book’s goal: To provide the students with open source, updatable information about Data Structures in Java. Though the Targeted audience of this book is the Beginners of Java, the seasoned experts will also get a good amount of the information.

F# Succinctly

Author: Robert Pickering

This Ebook is an introduction to F# Programming. Some of the chapters of this Ebook are dedicated to F# Functional Programming. The rest of the book covers the topic regarding:

Object-Oriented Programming

  • Simulations
  • Graphics

Getting Started With Open Source Development

Authors: Mario Briggs, Rachna Kapur, Pedro Carvalho, Ulisses Costa, Tapas Saha Peter Kohlmann & Raul F. Chong

This Ebook introduces the world of open source softwares & the various issues people face. Following Topics are included in it:

  • Licensing
  • Open Source Business Models
  • Role of the Open Source Community in Web Development

Git Succinctly

Author: Ryan Hodson

If you like to stay updated with the trends, you must know that GitHub is considered an instrumental version of the controlled systems on the internet. In this Ebook, we’ll come to understand how exactly GitHub works through the following concepts:

  • Recording Topics
  • Undoing Changes
  • Remote Repositories

The Rook’s Guide To C++

Author: Jeremy A. Hansen

This Ebook covers essential information about C++. The following topics are precisely covered in this textbook:

  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Conversion Loops

This Ebook also focuses on enlisting the review questions and answers so that the readers get to test themselves side by side about what they have learnt.

C++ Succinctly

Author: Michael McLaughlin

This Ebook was majorly written by keeping C# in mind. It was exceptionally written to equip the developers with advanced C# Programming essentials. This Ebook majorly covers the following:

  • Types
  • Namespaces
  • Strings
  • Resource Acquisition

.NET Technology Guide For Business Applications

Authors: César de la Torre and David Carmona

The primary focus is to choose the ideal and suitable development technologies &  also approaches for your .NET Project.

The main thing which has led the book to become super selling is to choose different technologies for every pattern & scenario.

Everything You Should Know About Custom Software

Author: Bitbean

This Ebook talks a bit about custom software. This is quintessentially helpful for those creating custom software; since they need to have a tool that would benefit them with integrating the business processes.

This book gives you valuable insights to consider when hiring an IT team technical considerations before setting up the equipment.

An Introduction to Software Engineering and Fault Tolerance

Authors: Patrizio Pelliccione, Henry Muccini and Nicolas Guelfi.

This book provides you with great information about software engineering & helps you to get acquainted with the basics of fault tolerance, which is the main ingredient in software development. This book is equally known for beginners and the ones who are experienced.

Final Comments!

The web developers must keep on enhancing their skills. If they won’t, then their growth will become stagnant as well. You must read all these books if you want to grow. They gurantee that each Ebook will help you in the long run. Be it your desire to develop your programming skills or about the best things to consider while hiring an IT team, you must read each of the books.

Kindly let us know how you like our today’s article? However, If you have found it knowledge-worthy & want to read more such articles in the future, please let us know via email. Therefore, we’ll make sure that we provide you with the best possible information.

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