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Myofunctional Therapy is a highly effective treatment to improve breathing, bite, and orofacial issues. The expert dentists of Daher dentist claim that kids, teens, and adults often suffer from OMDS (orofacial Myofunctional Therapy disorders). It affects their eating, breathing, and talking function. In addition to that, individuals who have OMDS might have problems swallowing and breathing through their noses. Several children push their tongues out while talking. This is from one of the OMDS.

Expert dentists have recommended tongue exercises, to improve the functionality of the face. However, these exercises are for learning purposes. It is suggested to perform them under the supervision of an experienced medical officer or a certified speech therapist to achieve proper results. Below tongue exercises are generally designed. Therefore, consult with your expert to have a treatment plan that fits you 

Sometimes, medical experts notice mouth breathing symptoms as it can cause oral health problems including dry mouth, and lead to tooth decay. Breathing through my mouth is great while recovering from a cold. It is not good for the long-run, kids breath through the mouth because of following reasons 

  • Thumb Sucking 
  • tongue clicking
  • Misalignment of Shoulder
  • Misalignment of Tongue
  • Facial changes
  • Headaches

Below are the exercises that might help you to get rid of OMDS

Exercise No 1 Try to place your tongue against the bony (hard palate) on the mouth’s roof. Make sure your tongue is just behind the top teeth and push it upwards for almost 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise almost 6-10 times a day 

Exercise No 2 Try to touch your Nose tip by sticking out your mouth. Now hold it for 10 seconds, repeat the practice 5-10 times a day for appropriate results

Exercise No 3 Stick out your tongue and lick the bottom of your chin for 5-10 seconds. Now relax and repeat it for 10 seconds.

Exercise No 4 The exercise is called tongue Left, here you have to stick your tongue out and try to move it as far as you can. Please make sure to move the tongue on the left side. Repeat the practice 10 times a day.

Exercise No 6 Roll your tongue by folding the edges towards the middle lengthwise. Stick it as far as It goes, keep it folded for approximately 10 seconds. Spare some time in a day and repeat the exercise 5-10 times.

Exercise No 7 Make a clicking sound with your tongue against the mouth roof. The exercise is called tongue clicking and repeating it 5-10 times in 24 hours.

Exercise No 8 Take a spoon and place the handle between your lips, and hold it for 8-10 seconds. Try not to hold the handle with your teeth and keep it parallel in between your lips. Over time, your strength will improve and you can continue the practice by placing other small objects on the spoon to add more weight like sugar or ice cubes. Repeat the exercise 10 times a day.

Exercise NO 9 Before starting this exercise please ensure that your children or teen do not swallow objects. Tie one to a piece of string at least 10 cm in length. Hold the button between lips and teeth, keep your lips firm and pull out the string without letting it slip. Pull it out for 7-10 seconds and relax for some time.  Repeat the exercise 5-10 times a day to get accurate results.

Experts design the above-mentioned tongue exercise program after analyzing the patient. Therefore, do not try any exercise at home without consulting your medical officer. The therapist will perform a deep inspection of the patient and then suggest additional techniques along with an exercise program to assist your child in improving his facial structure. The expert dentists claim that kids have different mind-set and enjoy these exercises. Therefore, we do an initial inspection of the kids and try to design a program that can deliver desired results.

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