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NOC Services in Networks Change Security Monitoring

A hybrid approach is needed to outsource NOC support

NOC or SOC? or NOC and SOC? Analyzing and operating cybersecurity systems is more difficult today than it was two years ago. This is due to the rapidly evolving threat landscape, the increasing volume of cybersecurity telemetry data, and the growing volume of alerts.

Traditionally, security operations teams have dealt with these problems manually, by throwing people at them. Next-generation SOCs will rely heavily on automation to address this issue, according to him.

SecOps teams will be able to achieve more if they adopt network and IT support technologies such as decision automation, he said.

Several are extensions of enterprise network operations centers (NOCs), while others tend to be the monitoring arm of security organizations. Those developed by security organizations tend to be focused on IDS/IPS, SIEM, and other alerting tools.

NOC or SOC: Big-company constructs

451 Research found that 77% of companies with more than 10,000 employees have a SOC. Almost three-quarters (74%) of SOCs operate round-the-clock; 70% of them are in-house.

Enterprise mobility and cloud adoption have significantly broadened the enterprise footprint in recent years.

Cloud systems and data centers share data and applications that were once hosted on-premises servers, sometimes across continents.

To detect and respond effectively to threats in the new environment, Security Operations Centers must have visibility that extends way beyond the traditional enterprise perimeter.

Peering into cloud-based networks

Monitor cloud applications and endpoints were described as key requirements by SOC leaders. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pressures on security operations centers have become even greater, accelerating the need for change. Analysts are already overwhelmed with alerts, leaving a significant number of threats unaddressed and unmitigated.

For the near future, many SOCs will focus on automating the collection, correlation, and filtering of a security event and alert data.

A third area ripe for automation is detecting new threats, including those resulting from errant credentials, paths to critical systems, and unused or unnecessary data.

Improve your security risk management skills

Enterprise cloud adoption, enterprise mobility, and digital transformation initiatives are putting increasing pressure on many.

To succeed, modern SOCs will have to automate key but repetitive tasks, allowing analysts to focus more on valuable functions such as threat hunting and vulnerability management.

Do you know much about the pricing of NOC services?

You should keep an eye on the following network changes.

Network device changes in an operating state

Logging into a network device and making changes can cause the device’s running state to change. Changing the running state of the device does not affect the configuration file, only the running device.

Also, there’s a chance the tool will allow the NOC operator to fix the problem without involving the network engineers.

With the networking performance monitoring and configuration tool, the NOC operator can view performance changes over time. Maybe that’s helpful, or maybe that’s the problem.”

The estimated cost of Facebook’s 14-hour network outage in 2019 is around $90 million. Increase productivity and also save a business a lot of money using NOC monitoring services.


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