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Placement Tips for Printing the Back of Hoodies online

As the temperature begins to drop and the gloamings get cooler, Printing Hoodies online is a popular item for custom vesture. (View our hoodie buying companion for fresh tips.)

Hoodies can be tricky to print because of the seams and pockets.

At the same time, there are a lot of printing areas on a hoodie that can really make a custom published hoodie stand out from the crowd.

We covered some of these popular trends in a former blog post, Unique Transfer Placement on a Hoodie, and also some other hoodie customization ideas in Customize Certified LoverBoy Merch.

For this post, we’re going to concentrate on the reverse portion of the hoodie.

Printing Design

Printing on the reverse can be tricky because of the placement of the hood. When the hood isn’t being worn and is down, it can take up some good real estate on the reverse. It could conceivably cover up some of your published design.

On the other hand, when the hood is over and being worn, there could potentially be an awkwardly empty space if you tried to lower your design to accommodate for the hood when it isn’t being worn.

In this situation, there are many different options you can choose from. It really depends on your design and the intent of your design, along with the look your client is going for.

Talk with Your Guests

Talking with your guests will help them to know what they want and what they anticipate from their finished hoodie. You can offer advice on the pros and cons of the colorful options. Your guests will appreciate it and value your professional opinion.

Consider Effects like

How important of the design is covered by the hood?
Does it change the look if part of the design is covered?
What’s important for people to see?
These are some of the questions to consider when trying to decide on the design placement.

Then are many tips and ideas for prostrating the printing challenges on the reverse of hoodies.

Traditional Look for Hoodie Heat Transfer Placement

One way to print on the reverse of hoodies is further of the traditional look.
Names and figures are popular to add on the reverse of shirts and Printing Hoodies online for sports brigades.

When you want to add names and figures to the reverse, you can compensate slightly for the hood position, but substantially keep it the same as if there was no hood.

You might want to push the name and figures down slightly. You may get down with the name being fully visible.
Depending on the size, the hood may still incompletely cover the name but it’s substantially visible.


Utmost guests are ok with this look, too.

Some guests want their names to be fully visible when the hood is down.

To achieve this look, occasionally you really have to move the name down quite a bit. This looks ok when the hood isn’t being worn, but when the hood is over and being worn, there can be a visible gap above the name that can make the design placement look a little Shop DrakeMerchShop.

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