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Q Carbo 16 vs. Q Carbo 32 | Which is Stronger?

Detoxing your body has countless benefits. 

First of all, it helps get rid of any toxins present in your body, and secondly, it helps you stay fit, and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. 

QCarbo 16 and QCarbo 32 are popular cleansing and detoxifying drinks by Herbal Clean. These effective detox drinks not only help flush out toxins but also help replenish our body’s system and support the liver, kidney, and heart, which are all key organs of our bodies.

In this article, we are going to talk about these two popular products by Herbal Clean, as well as determine which one of these two cleansing drinks is stronger.

Q Carbo 16

First, let’s take a look at Herbal Clean’s QCarbo 16.

QCarbo 16 is made from all-natural ingredients. It got its name from the 16 ounces of natural formula it contains, some of which are Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Turmeric root extract,  Ginger root, Guarana seed extract, creatine monohydrate, juniper berry extract, Licorice root extract, Cornsilk extract, apple pecine, and Echinacea purpurea leaf extract. 

This detox drink is designed to remove any toxins and appearances of drugs that might be present in the body, including common drugs such as marijuana. This is the reason why most smokers prefer consuming QCarbo 16 as their detox drink before giving a drug test. But, will QCarbo 16 be strong enough?

Herbal Clean’s

From the three items in Herbal Clean’s product range, their QCarbo 16 comes in the smallest bottle, which is 16 oz. 

This detox drink is designed for individuals having a comparatively smaller body mass, lower body weight, as well as lower body fat. Moreover, it is also suitable for those individuals who have generally less exposure to toxins. 

Therefore, if one is willing to pass a drug test with a QCarbo 16 detox drink, they must ensure this suits their overall body mass, and they have not been consuming too many drugs over the past several days. If an individual with a comparatively larger body mass, weight, and ratio consumes this drink, it probably won’t work effectively.

QCarbo 16 works by increasing the toxin that is present in our urine, and also by taking out THC from our system which can be easily seen in the bloodstream upon taking any drugs.  Upon consuming this detox drink, this THC will be expelled from our bodies through urination. As for blood tests, this THC is absorbed by our fatty tissues and cells when we consume this detox drink. This is how people pass a drug test with the help of QCarbo 16. You can expect to feel the urge to urinate as soon as an hour upon drinking, with its effects lasting for the next 4 hours.

Therefore, QCarbo16 definitely works best for regular or averaged-mass individuals, who are willing to pass a drug test. This detox drink is also suitable for those who have moderate to frequent exposure.

QCarbo 32

QCarbo 32 is the strongest and largest detox drink by Herbal Clean.

This detox drink contains 32 ounces of detox fluid. However, it contains generally the same natural ingredients that are present in QCarbo 16. 

The other additional ingredients that are in QCarbo 32 are Burdock Root Extract, Cayenne pepper, Fibersol 2, and Creatine monohydrate. There are also amounts of pectin and fiber, both of which promote the growth of bile in our bodies. 

These components attach THC metabolites to it to speed up the detox process. These ingredients are generally what make QCarbo 32 comparatively stronger than QCarbo 16.

QCarbo 16 does

This detox drink works the same as QCarbo 16 does- it flushes out and expels any toxins or traces of drugs from the body through urination. As soon as you consume QCarbo 32, you will feel the urge for frequent urination. 

If we talk about how long QCarbo 32 lasts, its effects can last up to 7 hours. Therefore, the ideal time for giving a drug test and passing it would be within 6 hours.

Now, this strong detox drink is most suitable for heavy smokers who have a comparatively larger body mass and weight. 

This is because QCarbo 32 is designed for the heaviest toxin explorer. So, if you have a comparatively larger amount of drugs and toxins present in your body, or you weigh more. Then QCarbo 32 is the right detox drink from Herbal Clean’s range.

Which one is stronger?

Now, the real question- which QCarbo drink is stronger?

It is definitely QCarbo 32. This is because this detox drink speeds up the detox process in our body, and works in comparatively lesser time. 

It is able to flush out and expel more traces of toxins present in the body. Due to its natural ingredients that help flush those out even faster.

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