Red Hat Certifications – A Deep Career Guide

Red Hat Inc. is a subsidiary of IBM that provides open-source software solutions to enterprises to virtualize their outdated infrastructure. 

Companies use red Hat software solutions to increase efficiency and minimize costs. It provides software to more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

Red Hat Solutions

Red Hat provides an open stack of technology that the customer can customize as per their needs. The products and solutions that Red Hat offers include cross-platform virtualization, cloud computing (Cloud Forms and OpenStack), application services, JBoss middleware. It also forms a part of cyber security course and hacking course.

Red Hat is famous for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) distribution. 

Red Hat certification courses focus on the latest operating systems, cloud storage, cloud-based solutions, and virtualization based on the above solutions. Red Hat certification courses are available to those IT professionals who want to up their market value and job skills for their career growth.

Red Hat Certification Programs

There is a multitude of Red Hat certification course choices available. The most popular Red Hat Certification programs are:

  1. Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) – This certification helps system administrators further their skill set to operate in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. The RHCSA is a required step for those professionals aiming to receive a Red Hat Certified Engineer certification. The various courses available in RHCSA certification:
  • The RH124, known as Red Hat System Administration I
  • The RH134 known as Red Hat System Administration II 
  • The RH135 known as Red Hat System Administration II with RHCSA Exam
  • The RH199 known as Red Hat RHCSA Rapid Track Course

The exam for this certification is:

EX200: Red Hat Certified System Administrator 

  1. Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) – The RHCSA certification is the first step towards the following certification course called the Red Hat Certified Engineer. The latest exam focuses on training the engineers to use Red Hat Ansible Automation and shell scripting for automating system administration work.

After completing the certification program of RHCSA, the RHCE needs to know how to use shell scripting in automation, configure networking systems, build simple RPMs, deliver systems reports and manage system logging.

Courses for preparing for the RHCE exams are:

  • The Red Hat System Administration I 
  • The Red Hat System Administration II, along with RHCSA Exam 
  • The Red Hat System Administration III, along with RHCE Exam
  • The Red Hat RHCSA Rapid Track Course, along with Exam 
  • The Red Hat System Administration III, along with RHCE Exam
  • The Red Hat System Administration III, along with RHCE Exam
  • The Red Hat RHCE Certification Lab, along with RHCSA & RHCE Exams
  • The Red Hat System Administration III, along with RHCE Exam

The exam for this certification is: 

EX300: Red Hat Certified Engineer

  1. Red Hat Certified Specialist in Virtualization (RHCVA):  The professionals who have completed the RHCSA and RHCE certifications can opt to further their skill set by doing the certification in virtualization offered by Red Hat. A professional who is an RHCVA will be able to perform essential management tasks using the latest virtualization techniques.

The course available for this certification is:

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RH318)

The exam for this certification is:

EX318: Red Hat Certified Specialist in Virtualization.

How to succeed in Red Hat Exams

The exams essentially test the ability to apply the skills acquired by the professional in actual situations they will face at work. 

The tips that can help in preparing for these exams are:

  • First, there may be tasks and questions that are interlinked and will require a complete understanding of previous or subsequent questions.
  • The professional taking the exam will have to be sure of the configurations, architecture, features, and technologies’ abilities listed in the objectives.
  • The professionals taking a Red Hat examination can choose whichever tool they are most comfortable handling.
  • Finally, revise everything that has been completed in the exam before submitting the same. 


Red Hat offers excellent learning opportunities. Red Hat online training, virtual classrooms, in-classroom training are available for an extensive learning experience. 

The Red Hat Training Resource Centre is a comprehensive place where professionals can access links to student guides, online tools, skills assessments, etc. 

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