SAFe Agilist Certification Training – Why Should You Go for It?

It is well known that SAFe Agilist Certification has found many applications in small teams. As a result, the problem is that today most organizations do not operate in simply structured small groups. They work in collaborative teams, spanning geographies and complex systems. To respond to such a structure, Agile must be customized accordingly. Improved services, such as better quality products, faster delivery, and faster responses to queries, can only be provided if Agile can work across the enterprise. 

However, the risk of failure would be very high with such a large-scale Agile transformation. This is mainly due to the absence of appropriate structures or processes in Agile, resulting in inadequate response quality.

What is SAFe®?

In short, the Scaled Agile Framework, i.e. SAFe®, can be thought of as a method by which Agile teams can seamlessly implement large-scale Agile transformation. This change starts with the first step, which is the adoption of Lean/Agile principles as well as company-wide practices. This should cover all levels of the business. The main function of the SAFe® framework is to enable synchronization in collaboration, linking as well as distributing several agile teams at the same time, and that’s easy too. This automatically leads to the success of the business. 

The latest version is version 5 and with this release, SAFe® offers some promise. Large-scale agility in the business scenario, coupled with improved execution, strategic decisions, and effective leadership is what costs you. In turn, they also help organizations directly deliver highly innovative business solutions, thus gaining an edge over the competition.

Why is the demand for Leading SAFe® Certificates Rising?

The  SAFe® Top Certification can be considered the benchmark for all companies working on LeanAgile. In terms of benefits, it is known to expand the reach of any business across the industry as far as career opportunities and values ​​are concerned. According to a popularity survey, SAFe® is widely considered a popular Agile approach for business, leading to 33% of companies using it. 

In such situations, it goes without saying that the SAFe® 5 Agilist Top certification will continue to increase its demand rate. If you aspire to earn a SAFe® Top certification from one of the world-renowned accreditation bodies, you can be sure that you are one step ahead of your peers. In fact, it strengthens your chances to achieve success in various  Agile transformation processes at leading companies. It’s important to note here that the  SAFe® Top certification isn’t just about earning a high salary in the organization you currently work for. There are also other benefits that you can benefit from your organization after you earn this certification. Some of them are:

  • Ability to apply SAFe® in a business context  
  • Can add value 
  • Ability to improve collaboration and communication across all active projects  
  • This will allow you to introduce Agile not only to the IT team but also to the whole organization.

What will you learn from this certification course?

Now that you fully understand what the SAFe® Agilist certification training entails, here’s a rundown of what exactly you’ll get out of it?

  • Fundamentals – Learn how Agile, Lean, and product development were used to form the fundamentals of SAFe®. 
  • Lean-Agile Principles – Get to know the mindset and principles associated with Lean-Agile and work like a manager Lean = mindset. 
  • Scaling Effectively – Learn how to apply the values ​​of LeanAgile thinking to grow the use of Lean and Agile in the company you currently work for. 
  • Maximizing Value – Integrating and implementing values ​​to support multiple events in the program implementation 
  • Lean Portfolio – Learning  Lean Portfolio will help apply LeanAgile principles to SAFe® principles. 
  • SevenCore Competency – This course will enable you to understand SevenCore skills in the area of ​​SAFe® 5 and thus help coordinate large solutions 
  • Leadership Skills – This course also aims to improve your leadership skills, thereby building an Agile team that can deliver quality performance in a systematic and targeted manner. 
  • Lead Conversion – The SAFe® Implementation Pathway taught here will help you support the ongoing LeanAgile transformation in your business. 
  • Lean Portfolio Management – This will help establish execution as well as linkage with Lean Portfolio Management or LPM. 

The course covers all of this and more,  putting you in a position of advantage you could only imagine.

Reasons why you should consider this course

Remember, this credential is globally recognized, which essentially means it qualifies you to work anywhere in the world. The SAFe® Agile training course also comes with the promise of an attractive salary package. Statistics prove that professionals with the  SAFe® 5 Agilist Top certification receive up to 25% higher salaries than their peers without this specialization. The SAFe®Agile certification training also trains professionals to deploy and integrate with DevOps to deliver continuous delivery to customers, as the configuration is also large enough to support a distributed system. 

These and many other factors may be cited to justify achieving SAFe® 5 Agilent certification. This is really the need of the times given the nature and needs of today’s organizations.

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