Secrets your flight attendant won’t tell you about

Have you ever wondered about the secrets that your flight attendant knows about flying on a plane? Well, then read our guidebook for the secrets your flight attendant won’t tell you about. To many passengers, flight attendants are just increasing the glamour quotient on a plane, but it isn’t what they do. Every job has its advantages and setbacks and flight attendants go through them as well. Making the same announcements repeatedly to dealing with some petty passengers daily, their job isn’t glamourous at all. However, their job allows them to know some secrets about flying on an airplane that you must not know. And this article is all about finding out the secrets your flight attendant won’t tell you about.

Here, some flight attendants who have seen it all are sharing the top secrets your flight attendant won’t tell you about. Let’s know the sneak peeks of what these flight attendants have to tell you-

They hate being treated like servers

Well, most passengers look down on the job of flight attendants and believe that they are just waiters. However, serving food is just a part of their job and they have many bigger roles to play. Also, by saying this, we don’t want to disrespect waiters, as we believe every profession is respectable. And thus, both flight attendants and waiters are respectful works and aren’t something that you should look down upon.

Also, if you are having a pre-notion that flight attendants are just glamour-world waiters, you are wrong. First, being a flight attendant isn’t only about serving food or drinks or pleasing the passengers. Also, the profession isn’t easy and one has to go through extensive training to have a certified degree. Further, flight attendants’ job main role is to maintain passengers’ comforts along with passengers’ safety. Thus, before disrespecting your flight attendant requests, consider the hardships they face on a daily basis. Also, what they will be requesting you about must be more concerned with your safety on the airplane.

Further, the training provided to flight attendants is tough and includes technicalities of an airplane with heavy physical training.

They rate how you dress

A plain outfit or just a hoodie will not help you receive a higher ranking by the flight attendants. However, if you want to receive better treatment, put some thought into the way you dress for your trip. A flight attendant with years of expertise told us about the way people usually dress on an airplane.

She further tells that how some passengers dress to make a positive impression and put effort into their looks. While the others look like they have put on the first thing they found in their closet without making any special efforts. Thus, focus on looking presentable and greeting your flight attendants with a smile, and get better treatment aboard.

They know about the airplane food being unhealthy

Well, no matter how much you like the greasy airplane food, you must know about its unhealthiness. A flights attendant confirms that airplane food is bad and can easily cause stomach problems. Thus, no matter if you are taking flights to India from NYC or someplace else, pack your snacks.

Also, for frequent travelers, it is advisable to look for restaurants and eateries nearby the airport for good gut health.

They hate being called often

While many passengers think of it as their right to call a crew member every 2 minutes, the flight attendants hate this habit. Well, it isn’t wrong to ask for help as flights attendants are always dedicated to helping passengers. However, thinking of them as your butler is the wrong way to treat anybody

Many passengers ask flight attendants for things that are unnecessary just because they find it funny. While the others find it entertaining to ring the bell every few minutes. Thus, passengers need to understand that they are not on a chartered flight and are the only ones to be served. And thus, they should maintain some dignity and let flight attendants do their job properly.

They know how unhygienic the plane is

Well, if you like walking inside the airplane barefoot, reconsider the cleanliness of the airplane. Most travelers think of the airplane as healthy and hygienic but only the aircrew knows the truth. Further, flights are sanitized before flying and after landing but there are no cleaning services in-between.

Every flight witnesses many noses bleeds, carry people with skin infections, and flu or cold. Further, because of the limited resources available during flying, flight attendants can’t keep the plane 100% hygienic and safe.

They are right about turning off your electronics

Many travelers find it unnecessary while others avoid it when the aircrew asks them to turn off their e-devices. However, the fact is that it is very important to turn off the e-devices during flying for safety concerns. Do you know that the communication between the cockpit and air ticket is affected because of e-devices? And this can not only endanger your safety but other passengers’ safety flying with you on the plane as well.

Thus instead of being irresponsible and keep everyone’s safety at stake, you must turn off your e-devices when asked by flights attendants. Remember these tips while making a flight ticket reservation to enjoy a better flying experience.


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