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Are you ready to unlock new opportunities by setting up a Shopify store? If yes, this blog post will be a helping hand for you. Read to know the  Shopify Website development cost, aspects, benefits, and ways to get started with a successful setup.

The E-commerce world is all about the way you present the products and services of your businesses by setting up an online store.  With users preferring online shopping, E-commerce is snowballing to meet the demands of the users.  Here is where choosing the right e-commerce platform becomes essential to carry out the function of businesses smoothly. Shopify, in that scenario, is amongst the most preferred platforms for businesses to start their online stores.   The platform allows the business to create a fully functional store that aligns with the brand image. 

This is where the need for Shopify Store Setup Service comes in. Such services are bound to address the lack of businesses by offering them customized online stores. Be it configuration, setup, feature addition, the service got everything covered.  However, if you are new to it, read the post below. Come, let us dive together to know a detailed overview of Shopify store setup, cost, and its aspects. 

Highlights of Shopify Setup Services

In order to get an edge of the E-commerce business, Shopify setup services leave no stone unturned behind. Have a closer look at some of the fantastic features you will drive within the Shopify setup services. 

Installing Themes

The first highlight of the Shopify setup is it comprises a vast range of themes. These themes can be purchased or are free during Shopify theme development from scratch. All of them can be customized as per the business needs, helping them to represent in their own way.  Moreover, all the themes within the setup are bound to run smoothly across all sorts of devices, be it desktops, mobile phones, or others. 

Product Creation/Setup

This is another aspect of E-commerce that makes it best amongst all. Here is why the Shopify setup services should be included within it.  The services ensure that all the products and services of the businesses are set up properly.  All the items need to be done accurately and perfectly, categorization, inventory management, SKU, descriptions, and other things. 

Payment Gateway Setup

Payment gateway is another crucial aspect without which no setup is complete.  Unless you are not providing payment gateway integrations within the setup, it will not work. When provided by Shopify plus development company, the payment gateway within the setup must be free from glitches.  Make sure the store works freely and offers smooth payments to the users.

Configuring Shipping Modes

Shipping is another important aspect of the E-commerce world. And when using Shopify to set up the online store, make sure to configure the shipping modes. The configuration of the shipping mode will help the Shopify store smoothly carry out the shipping-related operations within the admin dashboard itself.

API and other 3rd party Integrations

The next highlight of the Shopify store setup is the API integration and 3rd party integration.  When you integrate the Shopify store via API and various other platforms, you manage your platforms smoothly.  Integrations are essential to make the Shopify store setup work flawlessly without any limitations. 

Setting up the Blog Pages

Setting up blogs is another highlight feature included within the Shopify store setup service. The blog setting page is essential to describe the business. And in advanced Shopify theme development, there is a setup for the overall structure of the blog section.  Setting a blog section provides fruitful advantages to businesses. 

SSL Certificate Installation

SSL certification is important to increase the ranking of the Shopify store your build for the business.  It helps in the overall development of the store from the point of SEO perspective. SSL certifications also allow the configuration within the Shopify store without much hassle. 

Customizing the Cart Checkout

Last but not least, minor customization in cart checkout for users is important to enhance the Shopify store development.  Be it type of product, payment mode, customizing logos, creating unique store identities, and everything is covered within it.  This makes the store more unique and appealing. 

How Shopify Store Development Is A Great Idea For Businesses?

Shopify no doubt includes a wide range of features to help business with everything. Still, if you ponder the thought, why do businesses need to get started with it? Here are a few reasons:

Hassle-free Setup 

Shopify is a hassle-free platform to get started.  It is a complete solution with zero to minimal technicalities regarding development and other functions. With this, the platforms offer full hosting to the business to start their own online store. 

Improve visual appeal

The other thing that makes the Shopify development more critical is it facilitates the unique and visual creation of the online store. With exception of UX and rich UI, the development does everything for businesses.

App integrations

The platform boasts extraordinary customization abilities as it can be easily integrated with apps. This means that the seller can easily add extra features and functionalities to his store and enhance its value manifold.

Security and reliability

Another benefit of Shopify development is it offers reliable services as compared to other stores.  The Shopify platform offers a high level of security, and no information is breached within it. Thereby, to get started with the platform,  the security advantage is high at times. 

Next-level marketing tools

Another feature within the Shopify development is that it offers the next-level marketing tools, which none other platform provides.  Marketing is an important aspect, and Shopify does it for businesses to bring them to the forefront. 

Highly responsive

The more the platform is responsive, the more it is suitable for your businesses. Shopify is the best. The platform is highly responsive and can work both on mobile phones, desktops, and other devices. The themes and other features within the platform are highly responsive. 

24/7 support

Customer support is important to keep your customers retained and happy.  And when running an E-commerce business it is a must.  When you choose Shopify for starting the E-commerce business it is best. This is because the platform offers consistent customer support to your users increasing the brand value. 

What Is Shopify Store Development Cost?

Now, if you are clear about the highlights of the Shopify store setup, it’s clear you are out to start with it. Here is where knowing the cost is another important thing to consider. This is because price plays a vital role in deciding the reliability of the service you take. 

On average, the Shopify store development cost varies from around $10,000- $20,000 approximately. Moreover, the range of the setup can go with the kind of project and features you include within the store setup.  

Setup Your Shopify Store With Trusted Partner

Hope you are well versed with the Shopify store development service in detail. Setting a Shopify store for your E-commerce business gives it another level boost. From increasing profits to generating opportunities, it’s the new path to enter the business world. 

Now, if you are looking to conceptualize establishing a Shopify store, you need a professional Shopify development company that can do it for you. So get in touch with the acclaimed Shopify partner to assist in setting up a Shopify store for all sorts of business sizes with all the diverse requirements.

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