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Should abortion be legal?

Just before 8 a.m., “Oh, my God!” came from outside the Argentine Congress building. were cheer. Green scarves and green flags were wave and green smoke was ignite. By a vote of 131 to 117, the lower house pass a bill to legalize abortion. Thousands of women and men wait outside Parliament all night. Nothing could stop them now.

“This is about our future.”

“The solidarity, the sisterhood,” one of the women said, “is an incredible feeling.” We fail two years ago, but we won’t give up!” . We will make history!

It’s about our future!”

This is the first hurdle in easing the country’s strict abortion regulations. As a time-limit solution, the initiative allows pregnant women to have a safe and free abortion within the first 14 weeks at a public health service.” It is a person’

“Right to make decisions for their own body.”

” This law is important because there will be abortions no matter what.” Another woman said.” This law is important. Until now, abortion was only allow in cases of rape or when the mother’s life was threaten. However, in many states, especially in the Catholic North, abortion is prohibit in such cases. Even in the case of abortion, the doctor is responsible for the prosecution and the woman is responsible for the prosecution. In addition, there are always complications. Approximately 40,000 women are hospitalize each year for fail clandestine abortions.

Many women have clandestine abortions.

Carlos Anibal Cisneros, a member of the ruling party who vote in favor of the law, said that eventually, there should be a law of universal application that prohibits anyone from engaging in illegal practices. I’m 58 years old and I probably wouldn’t have approve this law 10 years ago, but people are growing and learning. Let’s not be hypocritical. I know that in my province, Tucuman, many women had secret abortions with Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE, with two knitting needles through the womb. Later, these women were unable to have children or die in the hospital from infections.

“Abortion is not a way out.

The opposition camp believes that the state has a responsibility to women, but that abortion cannot be a solution. Politicians from all parties are here. Dina Rynofsky, a member of the conservative opposition party in Buenos Aires, said most Argentines are against the law.” It is the responsibility of the state to ensure that women do not fall into poverty. Those of us who defend life will be portray as hypocrites and cynics. You are the cynics who would have women believe that abortion is the only way out.”

Churches under intense pressure

The conservative Senate, which already reject a similar bill in 2018, must now agree to it. The light blues, those who oppose reform, are right across the anteroom of Parliament, betting against it with crosses, Bibles and large outdoor Masses.” We’re talking about one life, two lives we have to protect,” said one attendee.” It’s about human existence. We are all children of God.” The pressure from the Catholic and evangelical churches is intense. Pope Francis of Argentina has criticize abortion as a “throwaway culture.” If abortion pills is legalize in his native country, it will be a landmark event in Latin America. Currently, only time-limit solutions exist in Uruguay, Cuba, Guyana and Mexico.

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