Should you buy a 5G Mobile Phone in India in 2021?

According to late reports, with an expansion in memberships at a pace of around 1 million consistently, 5G cell phones are on target to turning into the most quickly embraced cell phone ever. But at the same time, a spectrum auction for this 5th generation mobile network is yet to be held in India. while several nations like China and the United States have adopted this network already.

However, this hasn’t kept smartphone manufacturers at a standstill from launching the 5G mobile phones in the Indian market. Some reputed makers like OnePlus have introduced consumers to a range of 5G handsets. The OnePlus mobile price of these models ranges anywhere between Rs.23,000 to Rs.70,000.

Although 5G network is yet to be introduced by carriers in India, these phones are already compatible with this network. Now the question arises of whether or not one should purchase a 5G mobile phone in India in 2021. Following is an insight into various related aspects that can aid you to make an informed decision.

Present scenario of 5G in India

Before directly getting to the point, we must first look at the current scenario of 5G in this country. Telecom giants Airtel and Jio have announced 5G plans in this country but everyone is waiting for approvals from the government. These telecom operators can proceed towards deploying the 5th generation network in this county only after the auctions take place.

Is it a good idea to invest in a 5G enabled smartphone?

There are several arguments that can be made against purchasing a 5G enabled handset:

Network not available

As evident from the previous section, the 5G network is yet to be introduced in India. But 5G mobile phones from a reputed maker like OnePlus are characterized with hardware features that are compatible with this network. One can enjoy these features only after the network becomes available to all consumers.

Now the presence of these hardware specifications also leads to higher OnePlus mobile prices. Hence it makes little sense in investing in a phone now which cannot be utilized to its full potential.

  • 5G is not standard right now; hence handsets are pricey

Since 5G still isn’t the standard, the variants of these mobiles belong to some flagships. This can be considered as another reason for the high price of these handsets. Once 5G becomes a standard like 4G, the prices would lower.

However, you can always choose to future-proof your purchase by investing in a 5G enable handset at the moment.

Point to consider before purchasing a 5G Mobile Phone in India in 2021

If you are still interested in purchasing a 5G-enabled mobile phone, you must consider the following aspect while making the purchase.

If you own a 4G handset and are willing to upgrade, although the 5G network is missing in the 5G enabled phone, you might also get specifications upgraded, like camera, display, and gaming.

To enjoy this benefit, check out the wide range of 5G-enabled mobile phones from OnePlus. They come with best-in-class specifications. If you find the OnePlus mobile price exceeds your budget, use Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card,.

Use the card to make the purchase directly from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. With an extensive inventory of the latest products, this platform allows you to simplify your shopping experience. Apart from converting your purchase into EMIs, you can also enjoy benefits like minimal down payment, processing fees, etc.

The decision to purchase a 5G smartphone in 2021 becomes much easier if you refer to the guide above. If you have made up your mind about purchasing one, check out the EMI Store to find the most suitable model.


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