Some Real Digital Marketing Case Studies To Inspire You!

Some Real Digital Marketing Case Studies To Inspire You!

  1. Wingstop
  2. Embroidery Store
  3. Talijah Waajid
  4. The Handkerchief Shop
  5. Egyptian Magic

Case Study #1: Wingstop

Our fourth choice of case studies on digital marketing is Wingstop.

It’s a chain of restaurants that specializes in chicken wings. It has many locations across the country and several international restaurants.

Wingstop arrived at LYFE Marketing with a goal to Click Here increase their presence on social media.

Particularly, they wanted to boost their participation specifically on Instagram and Twitter in order to gain new customers.

We were able to do just that. We increased their Instagram by more than 1,300 and Twitter by over 1,200.

There are plenty of ways you can increase your social media followers naturally, and we’ve written a few articles on the subject that you can look over.

However, the reason we wanted to discuss this client in this post is due to:

We worked in a local restaurant, which isn’t something that you’ll find addressed often in blog posts like this.

We implemented a targeted approach to outreach for the Twitter page.

We’d be looking for those who are actively discussing wings or who are in a frenzy via Twitter.

We’d try to confirm that they were located within the area, and if they were we’d contact the account of Wingstop.

In this case, one local posted on Twitter that they had a hunger pang.

We contacted them via the WingStop account, and wrote: “It’s time to defeat that hunger!” With a mouth-watering photo of their fries and their wings.

The user replied and added, “I’ll make a stop today! Omg. It’s gorgeous. !”

In an increasingly technologically advanced world, there’s some value in intimate, one-on-one interaction.

This is especially true when you combine it with an attractive food picture which makes you hungry right in a flash.

However, for small businesses and particularly local businesses whether they are restaurants or not, engagement techniques like this can help you:

  • Brand awareness,
  • recalls of brands, as well as
  • customer loyalty.

Case Study #2: Embroidery Store

The next company in our checklist of cases of digital marketing research will be The Embroidery Store which is an online retailer of embroidery products.

They provide a broad range of products and are recognized as the top supplier of embroidery products to the commercial embroidery market.

We were approached by them following having failed to make a profit through Google advertisements by themselves.

Our advertisements generated 99 conversions, which generated more than $15,000 in revenues for the ads, so let’s look at the process we used to achieve it.

We put up ads for various terms based on various products and again, using various match types.

These were the best-performing ads that directed customers directly to their store page.

One important thing to keep in mind regarding PPC advertisements is that they’re placed in front of people you are aware of (are at least somewhat interested). )…

…because they’re actively looking for keywords that are relevant to what you have to offer.

We did that using their advertising group here to help them identify their ideal target market.

In the advertisement, there is a constrained space for characters to work with. for search-related campaigns particularly there’s no picture.

You usually would like to get to the point. That’s the message of our ads: “Embroidery Supplies. Excellent quality at a low price.”

Our client paid $5,731.82 on the ads and earned a 162.41 percent return on investment, with $15,040.66 in earnings.

Case Study #3: Talijah Waajid

The next item on our list of genuine digital marketing studies is from Taliah Waajid.

This brand is an all-natural hair care expert and master cosmetologist as well as a producer…

…of the very first line of chemical-free and natural products for hair care.

Her brand provides hair products that have been specifically designed and developed to be used on hair that is naturally curly, flexible wispy, and kinky hairstyles.

Taliah Waajid contacted us to assist them with their management of social media.

We have generated 54,874 followers for them, more than 263,000 engagements total, and more than 146,000 video views for $0.01 for each view.

Let’s take a look at how we went about it.

Similar to the social media campaign of Mototrax We ran a variety of advertising campaigns for Taliah to achieve these various goals.

We created her fans on Facebook (or fans on her page) with $0.16 for each Facebook user.

Her post-engagement rates range between 1 cent and $0.004 depending on the engagement. This is quite low. She also has her views on video at 1 cent per viewer.

You can’t just put advertisements in social networks and hope for such outcomes. The secret ingredient was our plan.

Our strategy was broken into five phases.

  1. Research of Competitors and Customers
  2. Development of Content and Growth Strategy
  3. Implementation of Content and Follower Strategy
  4. Measure and Reporting and
  5. Optimization Lifecycle

A brief summary is we gathered and targeted her most desirable prospects and built a relationship with them and produced captivating material…

…to keep visitors returning to her page and her brand to keep them coming back for more.

Case Study #4: The Handkerchief Shop

Handkerchief Shop Handkerchief Shop is a small business that creates customized handkerchiefs for weddings.

The shop has increased its options for embroidery over time to allow customers to completely personalize their items.

We were contacted by them to help them optimize and increase their rankings on search engines.

The first page was 185 rankings They then helped them climb to 314 first-page rankings.

They even beat Etsy in this regard for the term “custom handkerchief”.

So how did we do it?

We conducted thorough keyword research to determine the search terms that were utilized the most by their intended public.

Then, we assisted them to with many new Google keywords, and climb to the first page for more than 300 of their keywords.

You are able to see that we’re working for one of our clients with a particular product and target market. This is the reason why using SEO can be so beneficial for us here.

The main thing we did of this marketing campaign was thorough in our research of keywords and make sure we were in the direction of relevant keywords to the industry…

…while adhering to Google’s best practices.

If you’re unaware that there are unethical ways to do SEO. This is known as black hat SEO.

Black SEO is a method to conduct SEO in a manner that is in violation of the search engine’s guidelines.

And if the search engines find you guilty this is a disaster for your campaign as well as your business in the simplest terms.

White hat SEO is what’s considered a search-engine-approved series of SEO tactics that you can follow.

We’d like to bring it up since if you’re making use of keywords on your site to improve its ranking it isn’t a good idea to do what’s known as keyword stuffing.

Here is where:

“keywords are loaded into a web page’s meta tags, visible content, or backlink anchor text in an attempt to gain an unfair rank advantage in search engines.”

However, we’ll talk about this issue a bit more in our next case study, so let’s continue with our final investigation of the day.

Case Study #5: Egyptian Magic

Moving to the final in our collection of case studies in digital marketing this is Egyptian Magic.

The is multi-purpose cream for a skin product that is made from natural ingredients.

If you have read our top Facebook ads examples post in which we talked about this client in the post, too.

However, we’re mentioning them for the second time because we’ve done much more than Facebook advertisements for them.

We also handled the SEO as well as organic management of social media.

To improve SEO performance, we assisted them to get 53 first-page positions.

As for managing social media, we helped them to gain 67,233 followers on all their platforms.

If you didn’t catch it in our previous article, we helped them make $10,062 through their social media advertisements.

  • SEO

They started with zero first-page rankings. So how did we make them be 53?

The main goal of our strategy was the creation of blogs.

We created blogs specifically for them. While doing this we added 1,500 brand new Google keyword phrases to their blog content.

In the end, they noticed a greater amount of visibility through this strategy and began generating an increase in natural traffic as well as sales.

The thing we’d like to highlight from the previous example of keywords is the fact this…

…your content must be written to be read by your audience well as for Google.

It’s not a good idea to put keywords all over the place in the hopes of sticking them in the first place. It’s an easy way to get detected by Google.

What you must do is research what keywords are frequently used by your target audience and then create blogs around the topics you’ve identified.

Check to ensure that your blogs are as useful and beneficial to your readers as they’re designed for Google.

Most of the time we witness business owners make the mistake of focusing only on either one aspect or another.

  • Social Media Management

As for their strategy for managing social media we have done some things to reach the people they want to reach.

We analyzed their target audience and discovered that their followers are influenced by and are concerned about the aesthetics of their Instagram feed.

Therefore, we’d send our clients a sketch of how their Instagram feed will look like if they used our content before the publication.

Then, we sent it to them as the form of a Google document since we were also creating the text, hashtags, stories along with the photos.

However, if you’re looking for an easy and fast method to design the content of your personal Instagram feed and schedule it, download free applications like Preview.

We also republished consumers’ posts with photos of their Egyptian Magic photos…

…where they had added us as a tag to increase brand awareness and encourage other customers to tag us when they post their photos.

Finally, we boosted posts and held giveaways to boost the engagement of posts and build brand awareness.

This, in conjunction with the strategy of social advertising which we have covered in our previous post, allowed them to continuously discover and convert new customers.

That’s it for our eight digital marketing case studies! We are aware that this was a lot of work, however, we hope it helped you.

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