Special Shape Damascus Knives: How to Choose Custom Knife?

In this article I will show you how to choose the best custom Damascus knives, projects suitable for beginners, basic carving techniques, how to choose wood, safety when working with wood, how to start and finish a project and much more. The ideal Damascus knife should be made of high-quality steel and have an edge that can actually be sharpened. It should also be strong and flexible enough to cut easily and comfortably.

Tips for Special Shapes and sizes of Damascus knife blades

  • Buffing knives come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. Some knives are short and some are long, but short knives are generally suitable for carving.
  • Special carving knives include U-shaped knives, details, straight chisels, hooks, scorpion chisels, scissors, V-cuts and other typical carving Damascus knife shapes.
  • Special jobs require different types of blades, such as special carving knives, special pokes, special spoons and special round blades.
  • These special types of blades are used for stationary work. Depending on the type of cut, special-shaped blades are required. Therefore, as a woodcarver, you need to collect all the blade shapes you need.

Size: Damascus knife for carving

All knives are sharp and must be sharpened beforehand. The most commonly used Damascus knife is the small Damascus knife. The thickness of the blade is quite thin, so it is easy to move it from side to side while working. Most craftsmen prefer small knives that are comfortable in the hand and have a strong handle.

Lightweight Damascus Knife

A good Damascus knife is lightweight, comes in a variety of sizes and has a comfortable handle. Small knives are easier to handle than large ones because they can be worked quickly and you can control them.

Tips For the cost of a Damascus knife

  • The cost of knives and blades is not very high. Most knives cost between $30 and $50, but if you want a quality Damascus knife, you should be prepared to spend more.
  • The price of a Damascus knife depends on the quality of the Damascus knife, the material of the Damascus knife, the material of the handle, the ergonomics and the brand value.
  • Some types of carving knives are more expensive than others and should be avoided by beginners.
  • Many experts recommend that as a beginner, you should at least buy a quality Damascus knife at a low price.

1. Lime

The most common wood used for carving is basswood. In the middle Ages, German carvers preferred ash. Lime was the best choice because it was soft, commercially available in a wide range of sizes and reasonably priced.

2. Balsa

Balsa is another softwood, ideal for beginners. It is a lightweight, cheap and inexpensive firewood. It is sold in balsa pieces at your local craft/home improvement store. It is primarily used for making model aeroplanes, etc.

3. Pine

Pine is another soft, smooth-textured wood that is easy to cut. Some people say that pine is not very suitable for drilling. It is best to choose a white or yellow variety.


Choosing the right wood is another important knowledge for beginners. There are two types of wood used for woodcarving. They are softwood and hardwood. Beginners should choose softwoods for their carvings because they are easier to cut, slice and press.

Final Thoughts

In general, it takes less time to get a project into shape. However, once you learn the basics, you can try your hand at hardwood carving. Always make sure there are no growth rings, knots or grain going in different directions. Softwoods used for carving include ash, balsa, pine and walnut.

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