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Technology Skills Everyone Should Have

Everyone is using technology these days. Whether you’re writing a paper for school, checking the news, or going on a social website, the chances are that you use some form of technology often.

Most people know how to check e-mails and browse websites on their computers, but what about laptops? Do they know how to turn it on without a push from a button?

Here’s a list of common computer technology skills everyone should have:

1) Knowing Your Way Around the Desktop

On every Windows laptop or desktop computer, there’s this icon with different options in it. That is your start menu. In there, you’ll find settings for everything from network connections to screen brightness and color, as well as where your files live! Most likely, you’ll find your ‘My Documents folder there.

2) Doing File Management

Whether it’s moving, copying, pasting, or deleting files in general, it’s good to be familiar with your computer’s file system. Especially if you move things around a lot when using your laptop or changing hard drives. If you don’t organize your stuff well enough, you might end up deleting something by accident that wasn’t supposed to go anywhere yet!

3) Browsing the Web Safely & Responsibly

We all know how frustrating it can be when ads pop out everywhere while we’re trying to read an article online. Not only are they annoying, but they also provide us with advertisements for products and services that we may not necessarily want. Not only can but the ads are dangerous, containing viruses and malware.

4) Using a Modern Operating System

Most people use Windows 7 or 8. It’s good to know how things work on those operating systems if you want to switch between different computers or laptops without any problems. I have never had a problem using other people’s laptops because of this. But it doesn’t hurt to know these things anyway! I prefer Linux Mint. I’ve been using it for four years now, and I am very comfortable with it. Therefore, recently, when someone offered me the chance to use their Windows laptop for a while, I knew what to do to get myself going with it quickly. I ended up feeling quite smug about it all! I think it’s also a great idea to install something like Mint on your own laptop/desktop computer too, so you can try out new things on your computer while being confident that everything will be fine if you break something or delete something by accident.

5) Properly Closing Down Your Computer

I bought a laptop for my parents this summer, and they kept forgetting to close their programs when they were done using them. It pretty much slowed down the computer a lot, even though they usually only had 4-5 tabs open in the web browser. So next time you’re done using your computer, make sure to properly close it down with an “End Task” button! You don’t have to shut it down, but make sure to close down your web browser or any other program you might be using.

6) How to Do Basic Troubleshooting for Your Computer

When my laptop got a virus, I had no idea what to do about it! So I just downloaded an antivirus program, opened it, and let the pop-up tell me everything that needed fixing. Nowadays, though, even if you have a crappy computer, there are still free tools out there that can help you fix problems like lost files or deleted data. You don’t necessarily need to know how to write code to use them. Someone can always help you with this online for free.


Everyone should learn the basics of using a computer! The things are simple but offer you great benefits in your daily life. These six tips are pretty much all you need to get started with using computers/laptops properly, safely, and efficiently.

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Sarah has been writing for a decade and now for the online Quran classes UK Website. She obtained her Master’s degree at the University of London. Her main objective is to write insightful content for those people who read and like it.


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