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50 Types of Social Media Post that Can Keep Your Followers Interested

If Social Media Post you want to get high traffic for your posts, you need to promote your products or content and be engaged on social media to engage your customers and followers.

I have shared a few tips on the 50 types of posts which can interest your followers for your products or make Social Media posts your brand famous. 

The top Social Media post to keep your Followers engaged

  1. Photos and Videos: Always try to post high-resolution photos and videos Social Media Post
  2. Before and After: A cool transformation post is always loved by everyone. You can share your personal or business-related transformation like redesigning your website.
  3. Get handsy: You can hold anything that looks colorful and bright and interesting too. Maybe your product flashing the details, or a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, etc.
  4. Screenshot: Take a screenshot of whoever praises your brand or posts which does the job of highlighting a post.
  5. Unboxing video: It works great on social media platforms as you get the choice of your products unboxed and reviewed which is a necessity before buying. Create a video of technology or special oils, or beauty products.
  6. Caption Request: Share an interesting photo asking your followers to comment with their funniest creative caption which can entertain anyone.
  7. Behind the Scenes: Let your audience see your effort and try to give them a glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes of your business, or project or special event.
  8. Friendly photos of you: Sharing your personal and intimate photos makes your followers feel a part of your life and this works great for Instagram celebs.
  9. Demo: Trying to post a video demonstrating something related to your product can be a fantastic way to reach your audience.
  10. Make a Statement: Take a photo of any motivational quote that you got on your bottle, or coffee mug, or tee shirt and make someone’s day. The positive vibes are enough to get your posts liked.
  11. Answer a FAQ: A lot of people have doubts, and they have questions in their mind with a product or service, help them by answering on your stories or reels or videos.
  12. Short Video: Sneak peek audience a short video of your favorite dish or a part of your home that you have decorated. 
  13. Ask me Anything: Make a post with an ask me anything line so that people can interact with you for a stipulated time. Make those screenshots and post the answers. 
  14. What’s working now: Share different ideas for your customers and make them know which is the best thing for your customers or your business.
  15. Award winners receive any award share it on your feed and tag the places.
  16. How-to Video: These videos are ideal for new followers as it helps them to try new things.
  17. Common Errors mistakes that you see people, or your customers are doing and provide tips to avoid the mistake.
  18. A time-saving tip that will help your audience to save their time with efficient work.
  19. Quick hack: Millions of people face problems so share a quick simple hack to reduce their problems which will generate traffic to your account.
  20. Money-saving tip to save money so share a tip that can help them do so.
  21. Solve a problem: If you have gained experience on solving any problem share them with your audience.
  22. Take a poll: Test new ideas with your audience by posting a poll on your stories on Instagram.
  23. This or That: Engage your customers with this or that questions like tea or coffee, Coke or Pepsi, etc.
  24. Ask for feedback: Ask direct feedback from your customers on products, contents, or services to make improvements.
  25. If you Could: These questions are full of fun which can give you creative answers and it keeps your audience engaged.
  26.  Fill in the blank questions can generate traffic and help you get unique answers.
  27.  What’s your favorite audience can help you get more likes and understand the taste of your audience.
  28.  Fun fact about you that no one knows and allow people to know you.
  29.  Family time family and post it on the feed to let them know the important part of your life.
  30.  Hobby: Try out a new hobby or get your old hobby done like painting and post them on your stories to have fun.

Social Media posts to keep your Followers

  1.   Explore your city and make videos to help people know the interesting part of the city.
  2.   Post the book you’re reading whether it be a fiction novel, a nonfiction self-help book, an educational or online coursebook. 
  3.   Bucket List bucket list with them on what you want to do or your goal.
  4.   Special event, tag the location and post about the event to get more followers.
  5.   Trending topic with an interesting trend and be creative Social Media Post.
  6.   Viral video: See what videos are trending and make them with a description to create interest.
  7.   Original story share about how you got started and what motivated you. 
  8.   Inspirational Quotes are always welcome, and they get to receive many likes and shares on social media.
  9.   Motivational mantra your goals and keep yourself motivated you can share with your followers.
  10.   Helpful Routines have a routine that energizes you and keeps you focused, share it with your fans.
  11.   Favorite Podcas with your audience and include the link for them to hear.
  12.   The favorite product that you love, and your audience will benefit from it.
  13.   Add hashtags: #SundayFunday, #MotivationMonday, etc. to ask them how they are spending their days and share interesting stories.
  14.   Fan Photo: Find an inspiring photo and share it with your audience and give your fan the credit.
  15.   Interview a customer: Feature a customer by sharing a video interview of how they love your business.
  16.   Go live: Go live often and show your interest in your fans and respond to their questions.
  17.   Share popular content: You need to see which contents drive traffic and repost them again.
  18.   New product: Share about a new product or service as it solves a problem and saves time.
  19.   Feature your Team: If you have employees who help you make your business great, share them with the world.

In a Nutshell 

The 50 Types of social media Posts that Can Keep Your Followers Interested If you have liked our article, read more on Posting Pole.

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