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The Dos And Don’ts To Consider Before Pest Control In Your Home

Know what you can do before calling the best pest control Ajman service at your house. It’s essential to do some precautionary measures to protect your family and pets from the hazards of pesticides. Following is a brief guide that will help you know what to do before and after pest treatment at home.

When to Call Professional Exterminators at home?

When pests like cockroaches, flies, mites, ticks, and bed bugs infest your home, call the best pest control Dubai services. It is the last treatment that you can do to eliminate pests from your home. Moreover, it’s crucial since household pests not only damage the hygiene of your place but also contaminate food and water. Insects at home are also the major carriers of microbes causing several bacterial, viral, and fungal diseases.

The Dos To Consider Before Pest Control Treatment In Your Home

Clear Out Corners

Since pests usually hide in corners of the home, clear out their hideouts. Remove all furniture from the corners and isolate it from the walls. This precautionary step also aids in protecting furniture and household appliances from damaging pesticides. Furthermore, cover your furniture and appliances with a large plastic sheet so that you don’t have to clean everything after the treatment. If your furniture has bugs, make sure to leave it uncovered.

Protect Kitchen and Dining

Clear the kitchen of all clutter before pest control Ajman treatment. For this purpose, remove all the utensils, cutlery, and crockery from the kitchen countertop. Moreover, cover the stove using a plastic sheet and secure the edges with sealing tape. Since kitchen cabinets are the perfect dens of cockroaches, remove all the crockery and containers from them.

For this, use a large carton and put all the kitchen cabinet stuff in it. Make sure to wrap the carton with a plastic sheet. It is because carton material can absorb maximum pesticide that can harm you while unpacking. In addition, put all the fruits and vegetables in the fridge. Cover the water outlet of taps with a plastic sheet and use a rubber band to secure it. Lastly, unplug all the appliances in the house.

Remove all Attire

Put all your clothes in the cupboards and leave not a single piece of attire. Besides your dresses, uncover all cloth sheets from sofas, couches, and beds. Moreover, remove the mattress and cushions from the bed and sofas and put them away in the storeroom.

The Don’ts To Consider Before Pest Control Treatment In Your Home

Don’t leave your Pets

Pets are highly sensitive to toxic pesticides that are used to kill household insects. Therefore, it’s always wise and caring to hand over your pet to a friend or leave them in the neighborhood. If you have fish or other sea creatures in an aquarium then, cover it with a plastic sheet. Also, make sure to unplug the air pump since it will suck the pesticide drops in the air into the water. A great tip is to feed your fish before closing your home or install an auto feeder.

Care for your Plants

Covering plants with plastic can wilt them. For proper oxygenation of plants, it is necessary to put them in a backyard or balcony. The other choice is to place them in your neighborhood for a day or two. If you have a vegetable garden, leave the small herbs and veggies open in the air during pest control Ajman treatment.

Don’t leave Personal items in Bathroom

Before pest control Dubai treatment, it’s crucial to remove all your clothes, towels, toothbrushes, razors, soap bars, and nail clippers. If you have drawers in your bathroom, then it’s best to place all your skincare items in them. However, if you do not have bathroom cabinets then, put all your stuff in a carton and wrap the carton with a sheet to prevent absorption of pesticide.

Summing Up:

To sum it up, before you call out the best pest control Dubai services, it’s important to remove all living and nonliving things. It is because the toxic chemicals used for pesticide sprays are highly damaging for animals, humans, and plants. Professional technicians may suggest what you should remove before they arrive, or they may do it themselves. Moreover, renowned pest control UAE companies are working hard to achieve the same results with less toxic or natural pesticides.

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