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Things to Avoid When Choosing a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

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This is the test?

Which of the two scenarios you hear most often? Bad news traveled quickly and no one talked about all the planes that managed to land, am I right?

The truth is that there are many bad general contractors and kitchen renovation contractors out there.

I will touch some.

4. Contractor license? We don’t need a Stinkin contractor license

Don’t use a non-licensed contractor. Very simple.

The contractor license ensures that your contractor has fulfilled the basic requirements to become a general contractor. Almost every state in the United States requires contractors to be licensed, and to get a license usually must show the knowledge of construction, proper safety, and employment law.

Hire a kitchen renovation contractor without a license not asking for a problem. It actively invites problems to find you and damage your property. And expose you, homeowners, for legal liabilities.

Solution: Request the contractor for the license number (most contractors will have their temple. Prominent numbers are displayed on their business cards, advertisements, or websites) and verify your license with your country’s license board.

3. Contractors that will not provide estimates, or collect for estimates

Free estimates are standard requests for all types of rubodel or home repairs. Estimates must be provided in writing and must be thoroughly detailed.

If you run across the contractor who does not provide estimates, find other contractors. If you run across the kitchen renovation contractor that gives estimates, but insists you to charge you for estimates, run. Run away.

Solution: Get three written estimates of three prominent contractors. Get them in writing.

2. Contractors who will not provide references

General contractors must be able to provide some verified references and work portfolios.

And if the kitchen remodeler cannot or will not provide a verified reference? Yes. You get it. On foot.

Solution: Contact your contractor’s reference. Ask questions, are you happy with the work done?

1. Late contractor

  • You make an appointment for estimates, or to review some blueprints, or change design elements. You remove work, and you appear on time, and your contractor … no. He’s late, very late, or just fragments at you at all.
  • You will not tolerate chronic delays from an employee and your employer will not tolerate from you. Make sure you don’t tolerate it from your contractor.
  • With all of the different remodeling contractors and companies out there, it is hard to choose which one to work with.

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