Things to do after reaching the destination: for International Students

So, you have just walked out of the airport in a new place or and a foreign country. And you are confused as to what should be your next step? First, take a deep breath. If you have prepared for this moment, as is always recommended, you have nothing to worry. International Students going to a new space can be stressful.

More so, if you have never stayed away from family before. However, millions of students have made this transition before you. The millions of students will make this transition after you as well. Therefore, keep the worry aside and follow the following 8 steps:

Make sure your transport is available for International Students


Before you even leave from your home country, get the contact number of the driver who is supposed to pick you up at the airport. The moment your plane lands and you’re allowed to switch on your mobile phone. call the driver and make sure that they are available to pick you up at the exit. The driver will be responsible for taking you to your international student accommodation.

Check out the student rooms.

With traveling abroad, it is not possible to go and check the room. where you will spend the upcoming few years of your life from before. Before you start unpacking, check the room and make sure that all the electrical appliances and sockets are in working condition.

If there is any issue with the available electrical appliances, if the mattress is dirty, if there’s anything that is not to the mark, immediately contact your landlord and discuss the repair options with them.

Unpack carefully

You would unpack once you reach your international student accommodation. However, a helpful tip here is to click pictures of where you have kept what in the room.

This will help you search for items in the initial days. When you do not remember where you kept the thing, you can pull up the pictures and check where the item you are looking for is placed.

Find out the options of commuting to your college.

Once you have unpacked your items in your overseas student housing, it is time that you check how far is the school or university from your location. You can ask the other residents regarding the commuting options available. It is best if you go out yourself and explore the routes, the Metro, bus stops, etc.

  • Check-in with your college

Once you have settled into the overseas student housing, the next thing on your to-do list should be to check in with your university. Go to your university, then finish off any paperwork that needs to be done, get your class schedules, or anything else that you need.

Once the formalities are all completed, explore the college campus. Get a feel of being in your dream university and learn your way around. You may land up running into new people who may become your friends, and this will be a massive help in adjusting to life in a new destination.

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  • Spend some time exploring the location and city

Going to a new place can be a very exhilarating experience. So why not enjoy it while it lasts? Spent the initial days going to the tourist places, top hangout locations, experience the local life, etc. You can take your new buddies along with you on the ride. Exploring the city before your college start will help you feel that you belong and will allow you to adjust to the new town quickly.

  • Budgeting

Living away from home involves taking care of all your expenses by yourself. Thus, plan your budget. Keep some amount of cash in your hand. Secure the rest in your residence. Your parents are no longer available as your safety net. Therefore, you will have to weigh your college as well as food expenses against your recreational activities like movies or shopping and then decide.

  • Establish a routine

It is effortless to fall into the routine of sleeping late and waking up late in the morning. These habits are suitable for the initial days but not for the long term. It is best if you get back to a productive routine by the time your classes in college begin.

Try to make sure that you sleep early and wake up early. Incorporate your favorite exercises in the day or at least a few times during the week. Your parents may not be around to remind you of your habits. but, you will be glad if you get your life on a healthy routine.

Going to college is a massive step in the life of every student. If you are joining the college in a different city, it may seem very daunting to live on your own. However, once you settle down in your student room. and get into a routine, it will help you with a smooth transition into this next stage of your life.

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